I'm Hooked!!!!!!!!

I took the MUni out for my first true trail-ride today. What a BLAST!!! After riding mountain-bikes and motorcycles on the same trails since '84, they sure look different on a MUni! I had my wife follw me on a mtb with a cell phone in case I did something stupid. Rode about 45 minutes and only got in 1.5 miles, but it sure was fun! Nothing extreme, mostly relatively flat, narrow trails with lots of twists and turns and a few mud puddles!!! Still intimidated by the downhills and don’t have any climbing skills yet, but I’m really looking forward to practicing off-road again tomorrow!!!

Amazing – the similarity in reactions for many of us the first time off-road. I remember coming back with this wild, silly grin feeling just like you described. Glad you like it. Welcome to the club!


Yes a little dip or motorcycle berm, on a uni, is a true accomplishment! Quite rewarding.

Now you need to go out and take some photos for us. Great work! It just keeps getting better and better.