Im happy!!

I got my 2006 Torker LX 20 inch unicycle today! This is my first uni ever! I can ride about 100 ft and i can turn but im learning how to ride more! Its AWESOME!! Its gray! So yeah, any advice, Thanks!


ya, i thot mine was gonna be black but then it turned out to be gray with sparkles, i got it off of and my brothers it black and he got it from our LBS :thinking:

i second the woooooohooooooo
have fun man!


yep, try to double crank a 5 stairss (ull learn faster that way)

Yes my friend let me borrow his “black” Torker LX and then when i got mine it is Gray and all Sparkly on the frame! Its wierd, we both got them from our LBS but i dont really care as long as i get to ride! When ever i try bunnyhops i fall forward…any help.

I should be getting mine soon, if not than I will go on a mad rampage and do all sorts of crazy things. Don’t blame me though, I have Ican’trideaunicycelbecauseIdon’thaveonesoIamreallymad syndrome. It’s not my fault!:smiley: :astonished: :frowning: :smiley:

wow, your cool