im happy

hey i just landed my 360 degree unispin. finnally.

my tricks.
-360 degree unispin.
-180 unispin.
-wheel hop unispin.
-gliding( not very good… yet… muhahah)
-crank spin( land 2 out of 10 times… not very good but its still a uni spin)

i have been unicycling for about 10 months. and hopefully ill be a unicycling beast by the end of next year.

a movie to come.

Riley Crosby

niiiice im just now starting to learn how to unispin


Woah, you are progressing really fast.

Do you mean a crankflip or a rev?

awesome, ive been unicycling for about 8 months and i landed my first 360 unispin last week but havnt been able to do them again since yesterday when i did 5 in a row… pretty stoked

Or that thing were you stand on the cranks and roll the tire forward? I can’t do that too well…

i can do a 720 unispin…nah…actually i cant:(

But i can do a 180 unispin and glide like a mofo!

hehe i nearly landed a 540 unispin. its soo good though that once youve been practicing 360’s you can get 180’s so easily

sorry for the typo. its what i mean was a crank flip. the one were you jump off the ground and spin the cranks and them you land back on it. its not a rev.

forrestunifreak. no its not that. its a crank spin

You just said it was a crankflip, a crankspin is another name for a rev.

yeah…you got me alittle confuzed.

woops i didnt know there was a a difference. my bad