Im gonna land __(trick/skill name here)__ for Christmas!

Yeap! As the title says. List one thing (or two!) your going to land or do by Christmas.

All I want for Christmas is to be able to land a Unispin 360
Not asking for much :]

All I want for Christmas is to be able to glide

Last year, i’ve landed my first 360spin the december 31th :stuck_out_tongue:
Now, my 540 are very consistent so. For christmas, i want my 720spin.

This year, i’ll practice it before the december 31th haha.

why is this in product reviews? haha, I dont want anything, weather is terrible, 5spin would be nice. :slight_smile:

Unispin! Don’t care what but I’d like to get 180s good by christmas, hopefully rolling wraps and maybe 55cm or something sidehop (no idea what I can do now, been so long since I was trying…)

All I want for christmas is too ride! There’s not really a trick I want to land for christmas, just doing some Urban Muni makes me happy :slight_smile:

I will wheel walk by Christmas or die trying. :angry:

Me too.

Well actually, just finding time and space to ride would be nice too

Yeah that too if the ground’s/my wheel’s dry enough.

carry a towel and find a covered area. That’s what I do.

KOOSH KOOOOOOSH!!! it’s gettin pretty good but not totally consistent. Five days!

well I’m doing well.

I have managed one 180 unispin. Probably get a bit more consistency in the next couple of days.
I have managed riding to wheel walking consistent and I am getting the feel for the wheel walking. Now I can get about 10 ‘steps’ pretty consistent.

Finding a covered/dry area is pretty much impossible. The only places I can think of aren’t large enough.

No idea on how my sidehop’s doing - everything’s too darn slippy to try and hop onto and still, no covered areas to practice. I think I can get 45 consistent, probably 50 now.

No chance on rolling wraps, bad enough wheelwalking. :smiley:


Hey gang, remember, this is a gear review section, not a place to post yet another topic on what you wanna learn, so please use the propoer forum to avoid “pollution”.


Yeah it was commented on a bit back.

Hey Davey?

I found a low branch last night sturdy enough to support my weight. I am still learning unispins, so I’m in the beginner’s ‘lean against mailbox’ stage. leaning against a mailbox is ALRIGHT, but this skill really is about spinning your uni on a vertical axis and staying on top of it. Also, a branch allows you to hold on for an indefinite amount of time, so if you want to do it really slow at first to watch the pedals come around and think about sticking it or watch the tire rotate and think about moving your feet out of the way, you can just hang there. It’s really perfect, and I’m going to learn the unispin very quickly because of it. Of course, I’ll be practicing the unispin much more now that I thought of this.

The first time I tried, I landed a 360 US at approx. normal speed, on the pedals, though I allowed myself up to but no more than a half a second of extra hang-time. I have never landed a 180 unispin without support, and I usually don’t even with a support. Of course, it was a bit of a lucky shot as well.

Find one and try it out for me? Drape a towel over the branch so you don’t get blisters…but I think this is the best method of learning the unispin I have seen so far, so I wanted to let you know.

by the way, I landed my first 180 unispin the next day (yesterday) with little effort. It now comes naturally (about 60% success). Funny how after the first success the other ones come so quickly :p.

you legand ^^^^ im jelous