I'm gonna be on Court TV!

No, not 'cause I did anything wrong or I’m in trouble haha! A film crew from the TV show saw me riding my 36-er on the Beach bike path earlier today, and asked if they could film me riding around, and so I signed a release and off we went!

They probably shot at least 20 minutes of footage! They were really into it and said it would definitely be a featured spot on the show. I did just about everything I could do on a 36-er, including hop-twists and skinny riding! Not sure when it will air, but I will post the air-date when I find out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oooooo :astonished:

Cool! I wanna be sure to see that :stuck_out_tongue:
What show is it gonna be on?

It’ll be on “Court TV”. It’s seen Nationwide. Most people get that if they have cable or sattelite TV. I’m actually wathing it right now…a show called “Most Shocking”. Here’s their website: Court TV - Live Trials, Crime News, Courtroom Reporting


Thats awesome

yah it is awesome…
can i have ur autograph!!!

That is the last station I expect to see a unicyclist on but very cool! Are you sure theure not doing an exclusive on the guy who keeps unicycling through stores?

Haha the name of the show is “Beach Patrol”, and it’s seen on Court TV. Yeah that’s a weird station for it to be on but I’ll take it!

There’s another TV show in the works (Major network) and a producer has contacted me a couple times now about appearing on it.:smiley:

Hey Im on there TOO! I got in a fight with my wife…
(jk im 14. (15 ON JULY 12TH !!!)

Haha, happy 15th CK!:smiley:

CKCrowe, you me and Det-Riot will have one omega awesome birthday thread, Det-Riot is 16 on the 11th, I’m 16 on the 12th, and you’re 15 on the 12th. Woot. :smiley: :smiley: