I'm going to featured in a Sports Magazine

That’s all I can say at this point, but when it hits the stands I’ll post info. Pretty sure it’s coming out in early Feb. Not sure if I’ll be on the cover, but apparently it will be one of the main features of that issue. It will also be in their online version of the magazine.

I’m pretty excited about it, especially since it will no doubt increase public awarness of our awesome sport, and continue to dispel the HUGE myth that it’s mostly a clown/circus thing! I am hoping that they will include my strong mention of this phenomonal Unicycle forum, because as I emphasized to the reporter and the editor, this forum literally changed my life when I discovered it 2 years ago, and this community consists of the best people in the world, and has become like an extended family to me in many ways! :slight_smile: Cheers!

Wow, Unicycling is suddenly getting a lot of coverage. This past weekend, I was at my grandma’s house, and her neighbor had a Torker Dx 20’’, and was trying to learn how to ride. Of course, I take my uni everywhere so I HAD to ride with him. I might just have a uni buddy, but he’s about an hour and a half away, so I wont see him that often.

Anyway, It just goes to show that unicycling is spreading pretty quickly.

I must thank you for the additional coverage you are bringing to the sport, and congradulations!

well done and congratulations uni geezer you are a legend.

That’s so cool it’s always so fun when your friends learn to ride so you can have riding buddies! I mostly ride solo as the few (2) really local riding buddies quit altogether. It just wasn’t a priority or very imporatant to them, and one just said it was to physically taxing! :frowning: The other said he needed the money so he sold all his unis.

Haha, a legend in my own mind!:wink:

Cool, Terry. It’s not that easy to get into the Swimsuit Edition.

I’m just happy to still be walking at my age lol!:stuck_out_tongue:

That is so fantastic!
Next… uni-Television station. All uni, all the time. It could happen.

How about MUni-vision! (That’s the name I used in one of my older videos, before Jim Dugue asked if he could use it for his new forum username.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsJ8f9_KKaU

Or just “Uni-Vision”, but that’s a spanish TV station already haha!

that video was a long time ago. it was fun

Yeah that was a lot of fun that ride! Amazing how much one can improve in just a year’s time.:smiley:

err… uhh… Mono-vision?

or uhhhh. Uni-TV! Great. That one took me a while :stuck_out_tongue:

once again, G’ratz Terry.

We may have to start small, like with public access TV, ala “Wayne’s world”, but for all things Uni! Show Uni vids and take calls on the air from forum members, and ppl wanting to know how to get started and so on. :sunglasses: First guest on the first show: Kris Holm!:smiley:

YoU LeGEnD!!!:smiley:

Ed the Sock does Muni.

Who? :thinking:

Ed the Sock…!
Please don’t tell me you are deprived of Ed on TV in the US of A!!

Search him on youtube. The irreverent, man/sock of the world.

Haha, I just googled it and watched a couple clips on youtube…now I see where this character came from!:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure which came first, but Ed the sock has been on TV in Canada (started on Toronto Cable) for about 10 years I’m sure. Some of his interviews with celebs (adlibbed), are great, others are juvenile, but I love him just the same.

Edit: Imagine the angle he can give to unicycling!

That’s great, Terry!

I read all this stuff about people being featured on TV and in other places and I think to myself, “How did I miss all this before I started riding?”
I just saw a uni and decided to get one. Well… Not all true. I did see a clip on TV about 10 years back with some kids and adults riding through a wooded area. And when I saw the uni, I remembered the clip and remembered how cool it looked. Yep.

I’m going to stop rambling now.