Im Going To Be On TV!

Well I dont’ know what it is with me but I always seem to get lucky with unicycling and media attention.
So the other day I had just got home and my mum said “weeell I just got a call from a TV Producer” and I was like “Yeah okay mum whatever” I thought she was just playing a joke on me but she went on to explain and turns out she wasn’t… In NZ there is a childrens programme on every saturday morning called ‘Squirt’ aimed at about 8-15 yr olds. They usually have stories about interesting things kids or younger people are doing around the country to interest kids and get them invloved in stuff, and one producer guy who works for them saw my article in the paper last year and thought it would be cool to interview me and film me for the show! So I rang up, talked to this guy and organised a time to meet up.
Yesterday we met down at my school (just a good place to ride) and they interviewed me for a bit less than an hour (he had said the whole thing would only take an hour) and then we went around and I did a bit of freestyle, trials and street and they filmed me! 2 hours later it was over and i think it went really well and they got some really cool shots…although by the end I had ripped my KH seat in half :frowning: probably due to repeated leaps down a 7 stair. Overall I think everything went really well, though I was a bit nervous in the inerview and had the sun and another light thing (there were three people just for me!) blaring in my eyes so i probably said some pretty weird things…
The guy said he would send me a copy of the finished item and also over the computer, so with any luck I should be able to show you all. Anyway just though you might like to know NZ is giving extreme unicycling a fair amount of media attention!

Dude congratulations thats awome…


that’s sweeet, hope you can get a copy of it online for us!!

Nice one, Pete! The more media attention for unicycling the better, I reckon.

Do you know when the program is going to be broadcast?


Dont’ listen to this guy, he runs NZ.

Listen to me: That’s awesome pete, the more media attention for unicycling the better, I reckon.