Im going on Blue Peter!

Hey all

Im gona be on Blue Peter! tuesday the 20th at 5 Oclock

from what ive heard its a 2 minute demo n then couple of minutes teaching one of the presenters(who can ride competently) a trick.

I am experienced in teaching unicycling but i realised i can’t really think of any quick tricks to teach, any ideas?

And also how do you record it so i can get it on my computer like someone did with the richard and judy clip

cheers Lucas

Normally posting here is sufficient for getting it captured :slight_smile:

Teach them a crankflip!:wink:

Rock on!

Oh man! You’re living the dream. Cherish your badge, don’t go putting it on ebay or anything…

one footed is quite easy to learn and looks quite good.

How did you end up landing the best gig on earth?

How about hopping on the spot.

One footed took me ages to learn, I think it’s harder if you have a bit of fear.


Yeah! Or maybe even jumping a skipping rope…You could get the other presenters to swing said rope.

Erm, well they saw an article on me in our local paper when i was trying to promote it all on the back of a british title 3 years out of date lol, so they wanted me to be the current british champion, so when i won it again in may i emailed them, and we tried to figure out a date but the only date they could do was the same day as my Maths GCSE exam so that didnt happen,
I am unicycling at the trocadero in london on saturday so they rang up and said could we get down to the studio that weekend and ofcourse we will!

So wish me luck that i can do it live which could be easier said than done!

Woah, live!
Good luck man! Going on Blue Peter is truly a feat to be proud of!

Rock on!

Yep sure is :wink:

So it’s Blue Peter, Tuesday 20th June 2006, 5:00pm, no problem :smiley:

You lucky, lucky person.


cant wait lucas :smiley:

ill be watching it and so will my family, or atleast whoever is in the living room at the time

Nice one Lucas.
I suggest you find out what they can do already, or what they may have tried and failed previously. Then just take them a step further…
suggest they go to hockey at the Westway sports centre, thursdays at 9 - it’s only just down the road from the studios!

Ah cool will do that, i think theyve done hockey on the show before, unicycling has featured a couple of times i think.

Oh and mike if your based in london and are anywhere near trogadero we are unicycling there and doing circus workshops sposed to be a really good event, im not sure what else is going on probably lots.

what is blue peter :thinking:

It’s THE classic childrens TV magazine show. They do features on all sorts of stuff, its been running for about a million years almost since the dawn of time, or so it seems to anyone under 50 in the UK. If you are featured on the show you get awarded a blue peter badge, these are like gold dust and have special magical powers*or so it would seem from the prices they fetch on e-bay.

*- some museums and zoos let you in free if you have one.

Cheers guys very nice and entertaining comments from the mother of the forum lol ouch sorry Sarah, but shows you cna still entertain us teenagers so when Ed is big and moody you will be fine lol

Amanda, i found out at BJC all that time ago and you and mike were there, you know what im like i was itching to tell you 2, but didnt want to until it was definet.

Well ill be sure to get lots of photos and autographs, hopefully some new young girl band of 16 year olds is debuing there for the day:D

Cheers Lucas

Wow, good luck. Unfortunately I’ll be on the road back from Liverpool at 5 but I’ll watch the recording on the forum.


Good luck man and congrats on the gig. Ummm, do you get paid? Just wondering… :slight_smile:


Good Jorb Lucas!!!

I know you’ll make the unicycling community proud!

ps. Make sure you do some cool street and trials tricks… Just to do a bit to get rid of the stereotype!