Im Getting Somewhere

I have been riding for about a week now and it finally clicked. I made it all the way from my deck to my shed, only about 20 feet, but still. :smiley:

WOOHOO :sunglasses:

It was so much fun.

sweet, i would give anything to have the feeling back from teh first time i ever learned how to ride. my previous best was 5 pedal strokes, then all of a sudden i got like 20. it was the greatest feeling ever.


I had the same thing as did grant!! I couldn;t ride for ages and then suddenly i could go like 20 metres and since then i haven;t really gotten off it!:stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, yeah!

I remember it well! Best part was, I had an audience! My mother-in-law and wife saw my first successful 20 ft. ride.

Youโ€™ll probably have a lot more similar experiences as your skills progress, Alex, but maybe none quite so sweet as that first real ride when it suddenly dawns on you that yes, you can actually do it. Congratulations!

I wish I did that. I just got a bit farther every day (about a half revolution after 20 minutes, and a bunch of just jump on, go 3 feet, fall). Then I made it to the stop sign and could manage down hill, so I learned to turn right away.

Well congratulations. Youโ€™re hooked now, we all were once we hit that point, and it would really take something remarkable to take you away from it. Best of luck.