I'm getting paid to unicycle!!!

so i was just unicycling and advertising for the bike sale for the bike club im in
and this guy stops me and asked me if i could ride in a gym
i said i think so
so he made me show him i did some circles and jumps
and he stopped me and was like would you want to work for me and unicycle at the half time for basketball games
i just throw t shirts at the audience and ride around

so i just got hired at my college to unicycle for halftime
and they are buying me new pedals and a tire
and it goes towards my work study
im so happy

but what pedals should i get to avoid scratching gym floor because i already bought a white tire thanks

Well you cant really fail with some plastic pedals. but you could also get some of those pedal protectors from UDC. those will keep your pedal from scratching the ground. That and you can git them is your school colors too, your employer guy might like that little extra touch. heres the link:



some reallly expensive ones
and get pedal guards or whatever they are called

the white non marking pedals that go on miyata (spelling?) cycles are safe for gym floors. They’re cheap on unicycle.com

That’s really cool. I would love a job like that.

Make sure you tell us how it goes.:smiley:

My friend swears by these for freestyle

i got paid once… i was wearing a shirt with my neighbors company logo on it.

he paid me 50 bucks for riding down our main road wearing his shirt.

anyway, thats cool. so you are like a unicycling version of a mascot.

Lucky…that would be awesome!

I want to do the same thing on the ice at my school’s hockey games.

man i dont wanna switch my pedals because i still use it for street but i should
im torn between both!
my lime green pedals and freestyle ones

i think ill go with pedal protectors
i cant find hoffman on the list

Yeah, I got payed several times to give demos at car races and public events.
It fun to do and well payed.
It’s so easy and fun to be payed for doing your hobby :wink:

Peter M

switching pedals takes 51 seconds and a wrench…no big loss to switch for what you need to do and switch back

My first job, 25 years ago, was handing out fliers to advertise a new restaurant while riding my unicycle. We met beforehand to discuss wages. The guy was fairly new to this country and clearly unsure of what would constitute a fair salary. He tentatively suggested $10 an hour, and my dad and I could barely keep from cracking up. We were thinking that $5/hr would have been nice but might have settled on $4. Minimum wage at the time was $3.35.

I pocketed $75 over the next 5 weekends and enjoyed every minute of it. People loved taking my fliers, too, but I’m not sure many of them made it to the restaurant, which closed a few years later.

I’ve just been paid £70 for pratting round on my unicycle one beautiful day in the summer. My one and only unicycling job.

what you do, that sounds awsome!