I'm getting into unicycling

i don’t have a unicycle yet, and i need to know which one would be a better buy, and in the range of $100-$150.

i was thinking this:

or this:


any other ones you can suggest would be great also


also, I’m about 6ft-6ft1
im 15
and i believe that my inseam was about 25
thanks =]

i also forgot to add that i’m around 180-200lbs.

I would reccomend the first one and tell you that if you plan on riding some street, trials, flat, or Muni to get something that is Isis splined.

Those are both good beginner unicycles. I’d probably get the Club over the LX for a few subtle reasons, and because it’s $24 cheaper. If you actually plan on riding around places then I would get the 24" Club since the 20" is not an ideal way to get around.

i was thinking about saving up about 100 more nd getting this:

i just need to know what specs would fit me better.

That unicycle you gave a link to would be a good freestyle unicycle, but a unicycle similar to the se with an Isis hub would be a good uni for you if you plan to ride street, flat, or trials. And for Mountain uni I would reccomend you get a unicycle for 24"-29". For long distance commuting I would reccomend a 29"-36" (which are rather expensive).
BTW don’t worry about it fitting you height wise because you can allways cut the post or frame shorter.

Well, what exactly are you planning on doing with your unicycle? If you’re looking to just learn how to ride one and go places with it, then I’d get the 24" Club, or this if you’re looking for a higher quality uni that will take some abuse. If you’re looking into something specific, then Michael’s advice is pretty good.

i would say that a 20 inch is easier to start the basics with than a 24 inch

You’re probably right, but I think learning a little more slowly is a better compromise than being stuck with a 20" uni for getting around places.

i plan on doing more street and freestyle stuff, so i need something that will be able to take abuse. but i also want to be able to ride around too. I’ve heard tha its easier to do tricks and to learn on a 20" but easier to ride around then to do tricks on a 24"

idk which one i should get.

i don’t want to ride Muni, i never was interested in that.

chances are i’m not going to be riding Muni.

I want to ride street, freestyle, and flatland, mostly the first and last one.

i also want to be able to get around a little bit. no long distance commuting, but a short amount of moving around. Would you still be able to do all the tricks with the 24"?
i’ve heard that would make it harder.

A 24" is a decent compromise if you want to do both. In that respect the 24" Nimbus I linked to earlier would serve you well. Yes, a 24" uni would not be ideal for learning tricks on, but it is not impossible. I don’t have much problem doing tricks I know on larger wheel sizes; it just takes a little getting used to.
Of course the best option would be to get two unis, one now and the other later. If you take that route then I’d suggest saving up for this. If you can’t do that then the 20" ISIS Nimbus you linked to would work alright, although that is really more of a freestyle uni. With all of these unis I’d recommend upgrading to the KH Moment cranks because the stock ones won’t take much abuse before they start to bend, although you might just want to trash the stock cranks and upgrade to the Moments later. Then for a cruiser uni I’d recommend looking into a 29" or bigger wheel.

i was looking at this one too, but i’m not sure.
its b/w this:


and this:


Not always. I’m learning on a 24" I’m borrowing from someone and find it a lot easier than my 20".