I'm getting a torker dx

Even though it’s not the custom unicycle I want I am going to get me a torker dx. I don’t know when i will be getting it probably next week or sooner because i still need $38. I have a few qestions about it and about when i get it. I know the answer to some of these questions but I am going to ask them just to be sure and some of them i am asking for the future

1.what all do I have to do to put it together when it arrives
2.what is a good tire preasure for trials
3.how much better is the nimbus gel saddle for trials then the dx seat
4.what is the best way to cut my seat post
5.would a kris holm frame fit the dx wheel set
6.would a koxx Isis hub and crank set fit the dx
7.would a montly trials tire fit a dx32 rim
8.do grind plates help anything

I think that is all my questions for now but i might come up with some more later.

  1. put the pedals on the cranks, put the seat into the hub, put the hhub on the uni.
  2. depends no weight, and whatever you feel comfortable with
  3. I’ve heard it’s better, but I haven’t used it.
  4. a pipecutter maybe?
    5, 6, 7. Why are you even bothering to buy the DX if you’re gonna change everything but the wheel?
  5. If you wanna grind, then yes…

so basically you are buying a 220 dollar rim??? the cranks are fine… but a KH frame would be a nice tough… i dont know if it will fit though. i think your best bet is building up a custom uni


you have to put those spacer things on the bearings to change them from 40mm to 2mm.

I’m not changing anything until it breaks. i just added that where i would know and not have to ask when it happens