I'm finally putting my new sandwich board to good use!

After testing my new sandwich board out the day I made it on that soft stuff they have in parks I had to have a little break. It slipped out and flung up to hit my bare knee and I got a weird instant lump. This afternoon I tried again (with my pads this time) and it worked really well. I ended up replacing the thin string with some much stronger thin rope. I started off jumping from the top of the curb to the top of the sandwich board that was standing on the road. It worked really well, so I extended the gap a little and had some more fun.

I got myself a palette that the hardware was giving away so I mixed that too with the sandwich board and my milk crates. I had it set up so I hopped from the palet (with some planks on it) to one crate, to another, to the sandwich board, and off. It was great! I’ve posted a video of it in my gallery.

The hinges that I’ve used are holding out really well and the whole thing seems pretty solid. I still can’t jump directly up to the top of it because I’m not very good at hopping up onto things in general. I’ve been practicing my still-stands lately and allthough I’ve still got a long way to go, they’ve really helped. I’d suggest to anyone who’s just starting trials like me, to practice still-stands quite a bit because once you’ve got them reasonably good, they’re really helpful. I’ve found that I feel in a lot more control when still-standing than hopping on the spot and I can focus on my goal more.

Has anyone got any other trials obstacle suggestions or general tips on trials riding?


Have you tried doing a basic setup like. 1 pallette, a gap, 2pallettes(stacked), a gap, 3 palettes… and so on for as many pallattes as you can find. try hoping up or down the gaps. I’ve found it really helps to improve the size of my jump.
just a suggestion, you might think its crap but hey

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I think that’s a really good idea but I’ve only got 1 pallette. I’ve already got heaps of wood lying around the house for my unicycling and Mum won’t let me get any more!