I'm Famous

Guess what! Freda Warra(a popularTV 6 news reporter) came to interview and take pictures of me. I will be going in a magazine and on radio. She found out about me because im going in the Ore To Shore race( on my uni of course). Buck Labasser (spelling?) is also probably going to come and take some video of me to put on TV!
Freda even said i might have some sponsors lined up! woot Woot!

p.s. my computer is broke and im in the library right now, so i cant answer questions or anything. ceeya!

I think i will be online on a website also. So when/if iam i will put it up!

cool, :sunglasses: congratulations.:smiley: do you know what sponsors might be lined up?

nope, not a clue. She just said i might be able to get some sponsors lined up. And a camera for the summer! woohoo

awesome. cameras ar fun.

You got that right!It’s good that musketman can be famous for the popularity of unicycling.That way unis are more affordable and less people called them bikes or trikes.:stuck_out_tongue: