Im Definately Addicted to Muni!!

I just got back from a ride on my new Muni! I love it, theres nothing like it in the world! All those people who say “Oh ill just do Muni on my Trials”, dont kno what theyre missing!!! The descents and climbs are so much easier and faster and the whole ride is just more fast paced and challenging!!

The wheel rolls over just about everything and those 170mm cranks give so much torque for those sticky situations.

This is definately the start of something big for me!!!

But now im stuck for a name for my Muni…My Trials is called Tigger but i cant think of a name for the new member of the family…Any suggestions?



or Microsoft…

Why would i call my Muni Microsoft…Its not micro and i am far from soft on it… Try harder people…

i think he ment it as a joke on microsoft cause it’s always crashing ,am i right?

Maybe…But i only had one good bail today.

paint it yellow and call it Tonka. i’m thinking of painting my freeride yellow just so it doesn’t look like everyone elses.

Mine’s named “Mountain Hopper”:smiley:

Thats awesome that you love Muni now.

Make sure not to give up other styles though, you should keep it diverse.

I have done Muni on a 24, and a 29, and found it easy, had to get use to the hopping part to get over some of the bigger things, but then I found it too easy casue I would just rollover everything and things just seemed to easy, so for me, I will stilck with my trials while i am doing Muni.

Re: Im Definately Addicted to Muni!!

On Tue, 4 Jul 2006 15:35:23 -0500, trials_uni wrote:

>But now im stuck for a name for my Muni.

And for yourself?

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“I’m slowly but surely stealing Wales and bringing it back to my house on the wheel, frame and cranks of my muni. - phil”

My new muni should be here on Thursday. I think I’m going to call it SID for Sitting In Dirt because I figure I’ll be doing a lot of that for a while.

pootang or martha

why is it always like that I think its better to do trials on a muni

People wonder why I have invested nearly $1200 into my muni. Other than being cool, you’ve discovered the reason why. Muni owns all, no doubt. And nature is way cool.

You should come riding muni with us on the super rocky technical trails! You will NOT find it “easy”. And that’s the point-it shouldn’t be easy!:smiley:

your muni is beautiful


Yeah Catboy…Your Muni pwns

Terry, I had done technical stuff on it, very technical, very steep, which does increase how hard it was, but I enjoy riding my my trials on it more. Dont get me wrong, I still like riding on the bigger wheels, and I do plan on buying them later, but I just like having the tiny wheel on the technical stuff, really makes you have to make your hops percise and you really get down the technique of just rolling over roots and rocks by lightening your uni like Kris Holm is so famous for.


D you have a pic of your muni catboy?