I'm coming to the North Shore and Victoria

On Thursday, March 15 I’m arriving in Vancouver for my sister’s medical school graduation and it only makes sense that I do some riding at the North Shore. Does anybody want to go? My sister says she can try to find time to go with my but after twenty years of school she will be very busy. And I’d rather go with unicycle riders anyways.

As for my skill level. I’m never riden with another uni rider but my biking friends say I’m intermediate. I can do a rolling hop over smaller objects, like logs and curbs. If I get into a stationary hop I can do about a foot of vertical. I’ve done drops up to eighteen inches. If its nice (nice ramp, smooth and level) I can ride twenty feet on three inches on a semi regular basis. I can do logs and such but they need to be wider. I’ve done eighteen kilometer off road rides before but now I have a Camel Back so I can probably go longer.

Although I’m arriving on Thursday its not until 8 at night but I have all day Friday free. Saturday is likely to be morning only. I think I need to attend the ceremonies on Saturday afternoon and evening. I’m staying in Kitsilano and may have a car.

How about Victoria riders? I should be arriving earlyish on Sunday but I have a date for lunch. I’m not sure how thats going to go but I may be free later on Sunday and all day Monday and Tuesday. I will be in Oak Bay and will almost certainly have a car. I have my hearse there but sadly its not insured right now.

Who wants to ride?


Jeremy, do you mean that you will arrive on May 15th?

Send a note to the Vancouver Unicycle club at:


and I will see that it gets out to our club members. Likely you will get a rider for the Friday… in fact, I’ll probably be up for that myself :smiley:


Re: I’m coming to the North Shore and Victoria

If you are up for a 3 hour drive, you can come up from victoria to black creek
and do some riding with me, if I have a working unicycle by then.