I'm coming to New York later this month...

…and I was wondering If anyone would be up for a ride?

I’ll be flying into JFK on December 21st and leaving on the 30th. My aunt’s house (apartment) in Brooklyn will serve as base as we travel around and visit family/go skiing (maybe)/ice skating in different places. I can get a list of everywhere we’re going to go, but I wanted to see if anyone was interested first.

Joe Burzynski

PS: I’m really kind of excited about being in NY again (haven’t been there in about 6 years) and I’ve never unicycled with anyone before, so I’m really hoping I can hook up with the big unicycle club or at least some individuals.

I’ve just emailed David Stone of the NYUC even though they’ve already had their 2 monthly meetings (well, they will have had them by the time I get up there) seeing if maybe he could talk to someone.

Sooo…if anyone is up for a ride, I know there’s still two weeks left until I get up there, but it doesn’t hurt to have things planned sort of in advance…

Thanks, people.

Hmm…i live in suffern, ny. Thats like 38 miles north of the city, exit 14b off the thruway. I’m in Oswego, NY right now…and i’m not positive that i’ll be home when you are…i might be upstate for Christmas. But i’ll give you a maybe lol.

EDIT: Take a ski trip up near Lake George. Probably 3 1/2 hours from Brooklyn…but well worth it. Its the best skiing in New York State in my opinion. i’ll be up there probably the 24th and in suffern from the 15th til then.

Hi. We have a small group that does MUni in northern New Jersey. Many times we ride up in the Ramapo mountains, which is very close to Suffern. If any of you (or anyone else for that matter) would like to join us for some great MUni riding, just post a reply (or PM me) with your email address and I’ll add you to our email list.



You can always ride with us on Long Island. We are about 30min from Bklyn. Let me know what weekend works best for you and I will get a local group together.
I always have riders contact me for rides when they are coming in to town.
We have great trails out here.

516.702.9807 or

That sounds great, JustOneWheel. One of my aunts lives on Long Island (place called Scarborough, I believe?), and so I’ll be there for a little while. My entire schedule is tentative, so any time is good for me. I’ve got your number, so I’ll be in touch (my number is area code 772, so you can expect a call from me sometime)