Im building a guni

way to follow up with designs :roll_eyes:

I’m just going to assume it is a chain drive giraffe, in which case a full 5 page set of blueprints would be entirely unnessicary…you could even just take a normal giraffe and replace two or three parts…but your choices there…

Post images of the plans or the finished product when you have them available. I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks on paper and in its various stages of construction. I dont know why everyone else has it out for this guy it seems…If he doesn’t build it that really isn’t cheating any of you…its his own loss. I’m assuming it will be an externally geared system as that makes the most sense for a personaly project so I’m curious to see how it will turn out :slight_smile:

status update

ive found all the necessary sprockets and some extras. ive also found the tire the cranks the chain and the seat. alot of my parts are salvaged from old bicycles and unicycles should be done in a few weeks to a few months depending on how long the rest takes.

What size wheel are you using?

And why are you making this ? Will it be different from stuff on the market now?

Dude, that is awesome! I need your Dad to build us that 9 foot giraffe we talked about!!!

24 inch wheel and it will probably be a lot like the purple phaze but it will cost a lot less to build then to buy

Ah, so after all the R&D work you’ll have to do to get it working right, you could put a 1:1.5 ratio of cogs on and… well… you’ve got yourself a coker for twice the price and with less of the advantages. Cool!


Good luck with that. You should make it some crazy high great though. That way you can race it and stuff.


Any way that you could post a sketch of the mechanism you plan to use? This would be of great interest to the community and would allow you to benefit from their analyses and critiques.

The jackshaft design that Pete has produced has to be the best that I’ve seen at least for the big 36" wheel. I don’t know how well it would lend itself to smaller wheels and frames due to space constraints. It would be interesting to see if you are able to implement a similar design more simply.

This is what I would do.

Only more compact in the gears chain mechanisms…

I drew it on an angle for sense of great speed because I’m cool.

If I had the machines at home to do it, I would definitely have it built already, though I’m sure I could do it without “proper” machines, and just buy the gears and shafts that I need etc… but it would be very crude looking.

In this scheme the direction of the wheel rotation is opposite to the direction of the pedal rotation. This is why we like to see sketches of proposed designs.

He’d also have a very unique cycle, and the pride that comes from his own innovation.

Dang, people, can’t a kid build a custom unicycle with his dad? I didn’t see anywhere that he expects it to replace sliced bread as the next-best-thing; sheesh, he’s just a kid! I did the same thing when I was 18, and I’m glad I didn’t have this group to discourage me before I’d even started.

If it works, great. If it doesn’t work, maybe he needs to try again. In either case he learns something. If he wants to share his design, people who know what they’re talking about can offer helpful suggestions.

For Borgschulze, I have ridden something a little bit like your drawing. It was simpler, with a simple pair of gears to transfer power from the cranks into the axle, making for a “standard” two-wheeler (reverse drive). Though it worked, you could feel a percentage of the input energy being sucked up by the gears. I think on a design like yours you’d have to allow for an even larger percentage of energy loss through the drive system. But, that’s one of those things you never know until you build it. And even then you don’t know because maybe you can improve what you built. So don’t discourage people from trying. :slight_smile:

See what I built here; a simple chain and sprocket upgrade.


Cool. That does it.

I don’t think he is trying to make something on par with what you can buy, building things is fun and when you’re done you have something to play around on.

Looking forward to seeing it completed, good luck!

so close to finishing the wheel im using a 26er with most of the insides taken out i still need to take it to my dads shop to use the drill press to hook up the cranks. THIS REALLY IS GOING TO BE BUILT

the gears will be interchangeable

sounds good man hope it all works out and have fun building it, I used to build lots of stuff with my dad and it was great fun

just figured out the gearing ratio. it will have a 2.315789/1 ratio and with the 26 inch tire it will ride like if it had an about 60in wheel diameter