im broked

On sunday i was talked into by my moution bike frends to enter the duryea downhill moution bike race in reding pa. I was fealing good after the first 100 feet or so than i fell down off the side of the trail. and now i have a broken ankel. so the moral of the story is dont ride in mtb races when the mtbikers have 8in+ travle bikes. well thats my story for today

Get well soon

Ge-et well, get well soon, we want you to get well!
Ge-et well, get well soon, we want you to get well!

(Kudos to anyone who gets that reference)

Nick, sorry to hear about your ankle. I hope all is well. I guess no greenbelt ride for a while. Get well soon, so you can ride with us. :sunglasses:

Hey I will buy your Monty mod…hehe.
Get well soon man!!!
You could have had better spelling in that post though.

That sucks man… next time you race DH, rent some body armor including ankle braces.

Ive been lucky… as much as I do DH and freeride mountainbiking, my worst injury is a spraigned ankle.

Seinfeld, enit? I think I remember it from there…

Yup it sure is. KUDOS TO ME :smiley:

I feel your pain, I did this on the slick rock trail in Moab.
Get well and I hope you heal soon.
I recomend ASO ankle supports I don’t ride without them, they are comfortable and give great support. My surgen gave me a prescription for them so my insurance paid for half the cost.

Yeah, it was a Seinfeld quote.

Tellurider, did they miss with the fourth pin from the bottom? It looks well cocked.

That is where the bone is broken at an angle that screw was put in across the break to pull the bone together then they put the the plate on.

I had the hardware taken out a year and a half later and they left that screw in because it would of been hard to get to it.

It ached most of the time before getting the hardware out now only bothers me ocasionaly.