I'm beginning to get really confused...

i really need a new uni…a trials one. I’ve kinda decided against the torker DX…not really willing to spend sooo much money. I’ve been trying to look at this 2007 qu-ax unicycle?..but all i find is this beginner trials. I don’t want a beginner unicycle…i want one that will withstand the worst beating imaginable…i ride in probably the most abusive conditions. Can some one list a couple of good options for me because i don’t know where to start

You want a splined hub and crankset. This means that rather than the cranks being hooked on to a square taper, they are hooked onto a lot of notches which means more surface area which distrobutes weight better and doesnt break as easily. The Torker DX is the cheapest splined, If it is too much, you can’t get a splined uni. If you want something strong, you gotta pay for it. Get the Torker DX trials or the QU AX trials (the splined one). If you can’t afford these, too bad, as these are the cheapest unis which will take abuse.

k thanks…udc is down right now…but is this the unicycle you are refering to?..i don’t want the torker…i’ve too much crap about it…and the qu ax is probably lighter right?

Thats the one you want.


The splined hubs are stronger because the axle is a larger diameter. If a square taper hub had the same diameter axle it would have a similar strength. The problem is that the square taper hubs are standardized at a smaller diameter.

Splined hubs have an advantage that the cranks are not going to fall off as easily as a square taper crank. Square taper cranks are notorious for falling off during a muni ride.

So a larger diameter axle and a more reliable hub crank interface are the advantages to splined hubs.

ok…so…i’m a little confused after reading about this isis thing…which qu-ax unicycle do i probably want?

If you have read any other posts that i have made on which uni to get you will know that im going to recomend the 06 or 07 kh 20". I recomend these because they are really strong and really light. Also depending on where you get them the KH uni is around or under 500. This may seem like a lot but if you are getting a uni that costs 400 definitally get the kh instead it is well worth the money if you are willing to spend it.

The Qu-Ax 2007 will withstand abuse, but not extreme abuse, it’s the cheapest splined unicycle available in Europe (dont know Torker prices). 185 EUR

The Qu-Ax 2006 will withstand extreme abuse, very good unicycle for a decent price. 280 EUR

Same goes for the Koxx 2006. 349 EUR (Koxx devil)

Same goes for the KH 2007, plus, it’s very light, 5.6KG. 399 EUR

I advise you to get the Qu-Ax 2006 10 splined. It’s well worth the money and it’s a damn good unicycle.

why is the 2006 model better?..isn’t the 2007 model splined?

I dont know why you dont want the DX.

The 2006 model has the frame problem, but the 2007 doesnt, and I have been riding my DX for aound 8 months now, doing 8+ foot drops, grinds, stair-set, tons of trials lines where I cant roll out of the landing, and tons of more beating, and its been holding up fine.

ok so…the torker dx is not on unicycle.com now?..just by comparison…which is better…the new torker dx, or the qu-ax…this one http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=795

I’ll sell this one for $50 less than the prices stated there.


Hold on a minute! There are two different models of Qu-Ax in the 20" size. One, the ‘2007’ you speak of (not really called 2007) is and ISIS splined (weaker, hollow axle) and not a true 19" trials.

The Yellow hub, 10 spline trials Qu-Ax (the one you called the 2006) is the full on trials. No matter what the year is.

ok so…i called the guy at my bike shop to see if he could get the new torker dx…if not…then this is the stronger qu-ax correct?


Im pretty sure thats it if you want it.


get one of the summits in the trading post. I think they are both at 250 now, maybe 225. From what i hear, summits are kicka**.

i don’t know anything about summits…i’m not just gunna assume that they are good cuz some people say so

isn’t that what you just did taking the advice on what uni to get?

yea…but i have heard a lot about the two and have looked into them