I'm Backwards! (General help with some hopping oddities.)

So, I got my MUni a bit before moab, maybe 3 weeks ago. I’ve been riding it ever since, and not riding my only other uni, which is a trials. I haven’t been riding it because it’s been bent, has a nonsplined hub, and I generally like my MUni. so, i’ve been riding my MUni for everything, including trials, which is most of my riding. I’ve been able to get some pretty high hops on it, though I haven’t ever really ridden around trying to do high stuff. I’ve gotten about a 21" hop seat out both with prehop and without, seat in with a prehop, and rolling hop. I’ve never tried higher for any of these, because I haven’t found something the right height. This is on a 05 KH MUni, so it isn’t THAT heavy.

Oddity 1- So, I recently got out my trials uni, and found I can do almost nothing on it. I can’t get a 20" sidehop of any kind, though I can do it rolling hopping. It’s really weird.

Oddity 2- I’ve relatively recently learned to seat out hop. This may play a part in the above, but I doubt it, kind of. I’m getting more confident really fast. However, prehops, which were my great freind in seat in hopping are being less cool. Also, I am having a problem when I try to prehop (on my MUni) up anything. I will prehop, but then I will be at a wrong angle and abort the second hop. This began recently, and happens almost every time I try a prehop.

Oddity 3- I can hop higher with no prehop. It’s really weird. Even before I started choking on prehops, I would no prehop jump up something before doing it with a prehop, but then do it with one. This would make it easier, but I wonder why I can’t just do a prehop up something for the first time.

Any help, similar experiences, etc. would be appreciated. I hope it’s a small dip in skill that happens just before a skill jump up to 30" sidehops :slight_smile:

about it being easier with prehops, this might be because you have less control with the seat out. try practicing seat in front riding a lot, until you can do it while holding the seat in front of you without touching your body, effortlessly.

Yeah, I do need to practice seat out. I wasn’t really aware riding helped, though. I’ll do it.

just to get more control with the seat in front of you, so the seat won’t wobble back and forth as much. you might want to try seat dragging too, just to make it even easier.

seat dragging is hard, though. I’m not what you could call a freestyler… I think I’m gonna work on better skills on sunday, though. I have a track meet tomorrow, so I’ll be all tired/not here tomorrow, and won’t be able to uni much.