I'm Back!!!

Yes, for a while I was slackin’ in posting and then I went to a religious program called EFY which stands for Especiall For Youth, I’m sure some of you know about it, but after a long time I am back!! I know you missed me. I did the talent show at EFY and I have pictures, I will post them soon! I just wanted to let y’all know that I’m back. so have a great day!

-Jonathan Ware-

Aaaaah, I was beginning to wonder…

I got a PM off JonnyD admonishing me terribly for not being online when he was… :slight_smile:


Hey! Our ward just recently had our Youth Conference. I have been wanting to go to EFY but havn’t had the funds :(.


yeah, it is so awesome!!! I loved it! if you can then GO! it is totally worth the money… but I have to go!!

-Jonathan Ware-

Welcome back, it hasn’t been the same without ya :slight_smile:

That’s a neat pic. is it mid-kickup mount, or are you doing something even cooler?