Hey once again all… Busy summer with side jobs and moving out from the now ex, has kept me on my uni but off the computer mostly…

I taught another 12 year old this fall and he currently has my 16 inch Sun uni, although this weekend I am gonna put him on my step sons 20 for a try at that… He can go about 100 feet now so the size difference should make it nice for him.

I am looking into spending my christmas bonus and wanted a 36’er because I am now only 7 miles from work which would make for a nice ride… But it seems like UDC is sold out of almost everything… Was hoping to grab a Nimbus Pro 36, isis cranks and a handle… Maybe brakes too…
Guess I might have to go for the big guns and get the Impulse, Whats the thoughts on the Impulse now? Disc brake any good? Hold up well?

Have fun! :smiley:

Nimbus Impulse with Shadow Handlebar and disc brake

Welcome back. My advice is to spring for the Nimbus Impulse with Shadow Handlebar and (butter smooth) disc brake. You won’t regret it. I love mine! 10 miles a day at least 3 days a week all summer.