I'm back!

well, i doubt anybody remembers me, at all
but anyway, i broke my leg in july last year and recently got back into riding again and decided to video myself tonight

please give me your opinions, criticisms are welcome
Also i know the editing is crappy, but my adobe premier is broken and wont let me record audio. :thinking:
so yeah, thanks a lot :smiley:

I remember your screen name, not that you broke your leg tho. Glad your back.

thankyou emile! :slight_smile:

I remember your screen name too. :slight_smile:
Nice video you’ve got there.

Ilike your… something that i can´t point out exactly. But you have a calm style, I´ll be keeping my eye on your development :slight_smile:

Nice, chill vid :). Good to see you riding again. Liked the 270 from the pallets :). Welcome back!

good video. For some reason that unicycle looks waaay small for you haha

Thanks everybody
Calm style? really? i always thought i kinda look like a duck while riding :smiley:

baha :stuck_out_tongue: the seat was a bit low, im still fiddling with it to see whats right for me again. but yeah, im 6 foot 3 (192cm ish) so a trials uni is bound to look small

Thanks again for all the lovely comments! :o much appreciated

anybody going to BUC?

Good to see your back in the saddle Alister. I remember you. Partly 'cos you’re quite local to me, but mostly because I was jealous of how quickly you got good at wheel walking, one minute you were nervously jumping on a tree stump at Cragside, the next you were wheel walking a skinny.
I’m sure those that placed below you in the Beginners Trials competition at Middlesborough remembers your name too.

So knowing how good you were getting I felt really bad for you when you broke your leg. Have you been back to conquer the hill yet?

haha :smiley: this message made me smile!
I tried that skinny wheelwalk again earlier, failed miserably although i’m sure i’ll get it again soon!
I have not been anywhere near that hill since i broke my leg, it’s kind of a massive mental barrier, but also im not at the skill level i was beforehand :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll definitely still try and muni, but I think i’ll leave it for a long time!
thanks for remembering, you’re from gateshead right? (:

nice to see you back ali! i still havnt got back into riding since i broke my arm


ryan! really? and you got out of cast before me too, was it your saddle arm?
I hope you’re coming to BUC!!! or i’ll be angryface :angry: :stuck_out_tongue:

nice video !!! Well, that you are back again!! :wink:

yer it was im getting used to the other arm now. should be there on sunday for trials mate:D

ahaa, same as me then, should be fun! entering beginners again? i think im going to have to, im about the same as i was last year if not worse right now :smiley:

Yeah, but I got out of Gateshead town at the end of last year (thank God) and moved over to Blaydon.
It’s a little closer to my favourite muni area, Chopwell Woods. If you do go back to muni, it’s a good place to start. There’s room to use a good range of skills there: Lots of skinny paths, some nice rooty downhill lines and even some northshore trials stuff.