I'm back, ya'll.

It’s been a minute, eh? But hey, I’m getting back into trials. Dusted off the old uni and surprisingly the tire holds air.

Holy sh-- wow this account is entirely my childhood. <3 omg time machine.

I don’t think I’ve even been on this forum for the length of time you’ve been away…

welcome back anyhow.

’ didn’t know you had left :smiley:

Ha! And I thought I was new back then. hahaha. Great to see not much has changed. :slight_smile:

spent a couple hours today cleaning the uni and truing the wheel again. Remembering all the work done to this thing… I used to break saddle plates constantly so I welded 2 together so I’d never break another saddle and then shaved off 60% of the foam to skinny it up. Cut and rewelded the crown of the frame to keep from bashing my knees. Cut/shortened/welded the cranks.

Wow, a lot of love and attention went into that uni. I see you have the classic “ankle eaters” crank setup. :slight_smile:

Welcome back! I will officially start the timer that will tick until you end up buying another unicycle… :smiley:

Welcome back!

I don’t think replacing that unicycle would be at all necessary, It looks pretty solid, and well suited for trialsy street riding.

If you didn’t look super close read that it was modified you could mistake that frame for one designed by sponge. To my aesthetic eye, those were some of the nicest designed frames ever made.

The wheel is a bit dated, but why fix what’s not broken.

The tire looks good, saddle was modified for a purpose, and it looks well loved.

Now if you figure he is going to buy a unicycle since the correct number to have in a stable is n+1 rather than as a replacement, then I give him about three weeks. :slight_smile:

I’ve never heard such a great way of putting that

Ha! Thanks for reminding me! Chewed up an ankle already this morning. Good to see you and everyone else are still here!

Ah yes, I’m already planning a new ride.
What is one to do for trials frames/rims/hubs these days? I see Koxx-One no longer exists.

Nice. Is that the old 8 spline KH hub and cranks? Kinda looks like what I have on my 24" muni from ~10+ years ago. Things have changed a tad since then.

It’s a pre-ISIS Qu-Ax Yellow hub. I believe the spline was similar but not the same as the KH 8-Spline. I have never owned either so don’t know for sure about compatibilities.

I’m also not a trials rider. I have one that’s built out of a combination of Koxx, KH and Nimbus parts, but it’s about 7 years old now and rarely used.

Impact has made some interesting products and has since been bought by UDC. They might be worth checking out. Of course KH has also been a perennial favorite for many years.

Hopefully you’ve grown up since… https://unicyclist.com//t/maestro-im-sorry/113703/1

welcome back to the uni-family :smiley: