Im Back! Did I miss Anything?

So ive been away for a while (like 3 months) since school started and ive been real busy. So i just wanted to kno if id missed anything worth missing. Any new products, great new videos,new tricks?? Anything really.

Thanks All

A great vid from Shaun and other people.
Link thread:

Same for me, I’ve been really busy lately with school starting again and work schedule building up… anything new going on?

Oooh, a Hamilton rider.

Where are you located?

another great vid called fouramforever.

and one with gordythegon in it thats awesome but I can’t remember what It’s called except it has compulsion cycles or somehting in the title.

gordy also made up a cool variation of a trick. lemme find it.

yes, you missed shauns fifthflip!!! thats sick!

a million views in most replys WOW

there was a cool video clip of kris holm doing a downhill line on a geared muni. the gearing is 1:1 and 1:1/2 aka coker mode

well, I was gonna post a thread exactly like this, but I didn’t.

KH 2007?! ISIS? Too bad I’m poor. And my current skills can’t justify a new uni.

Its cheap, cheaper than the old stuff! And nice too!



ok im new to the forums and i dont meant to hi-jack this guys thread, but what does sif mean?

thanks all

seat in front

How cheap? I’ve kindof got a trials I was building that’s waiting for a rim/spokes… I doubt I’m gonna buy anything unless I break my MUni or something. Which, if I get back into riding, is quite possible.

EDIT: ooh, very cheap… That’s nice to know.

SIF = Seat in Front.

Riding or jumping while holding the seat out in front of your body and not between your legs.

Glad to have you back man!

You have missed a lot, lots of great vids have came out, KH new products. ISIS arguments with Koxx. Tons of stuff.

Hows your trials uni holding up?

ahh phil, your back I was wondering where you went.
you missed '07 KH stuff, and thats all I can think of:o (I’m Sure theres more) good to have ya back

Koxx also makes street unis with 135mm tubular cranks, and an awesome trials uni(XTP)(but it costs like $800)

I wasnt away for that long guys…I kno about the New 07 KH stuff and the Koxx 135s and the XTP frame…But thanks for brining me up to speed on things… So now ive completed step one, Re join forum…Now for the all important step 2, Acctually go ride!