I'm back and looking for a second UNI

Been a LOOONG time… I joined while learning to UNI a few years ago and then left you guys for bit, sorry bout that! In return below are a few pics of what I’ve been doing instead.

QUESTION: I have a 26" torker (DX I think) which I use to ride along the bikepath by my house. If I am looking to do a little more tecnical stuff around the yard, WOULD YOU buy a 20 trials, or a 24" MUNI???

Meh… 100 views and no welcome backs?

Welcome back, looks like you have quite a sense of balance! :slight_smile:

Got any pictures of your yard and what ‘technical’ means to you?

Welcome back. Part out that bike and you should be able to get something decent : ) maybe two somethings.



I just realized my Uni club is meeting sat. I should be able to ride a bunch of uni’s then.

I think I’ll end up with a 24 muni so I don’t give up too much speed, but should gain a little in the agility department.

I will update with some pics from the weekend.

Either one costs about as much as a tire for that motorcycle. (Digging the trick steel trellis half-frame.) Get both!

For hopping around the yard, trials is the thing. 24" would better if you want to go from place to place on it too, but right now your Torker should cover that well enough. But unicycles are cheap fun so why limit yourself?

Oh my, WELCOME BACK! How are you? How’s the wife and kids? Your mom doing alright?

Nice motorcycle pictures on a unicycle forum.

“I can like, ride my bike no handed and do wheeliez for dayz. So I should be able to pretty much be like basically Kris Holm right?”

The actual unicycle in the one picture would be perfect for technical Muni and big trials riding.

As I look over this thread, I can’t help thinking there is some joke I am missing, but anyway, assuming for the moment that you are serious, or at least as serious as it’s possible to be when discussing one-wheeled bikes, to me it’s very clear you should get a trials unicycle. A 24" muni will not allow you to do much of anything you can’t already do on your 26, but a trials unicycle will enable you to learn the most new stuff in the shortest possible time. Most of these tricks, with a little work, will transfer over to your 26 and maybe even to your motorcycle in some cases. Keep us posted.

Haha, this guy… Why so sad? There are nice members here who enjoy sharing. No reason to hate, the thread has a uni pic and a uni question.

I will update with some video from the meeting this weekend when I try some other unis again

Glad to see you are back on the uni. From the pics it looks like you didn’t abandon the one wheel concept :slight_smile: . As for you question, I don’t own either so I wouldn’t be any help at all.

I actually got into uni in 2008 when I tried to stop stuntriding. THat lasted part of a winter :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, this guy… Why so egotistic?

I’m not sad at all. Just welcoming you back.

Since you are completely nuts (as demonstrated by the pictures above), go for the 20" trials.

Picked up a used 36er UDC Nimbus Titan with 125 cranks from one of the club members.

Never tried one until 10 min before the video, super fast! Can’t wait to hit the bike path tomorrow.
Legs were DESTROYED from riding to/from/at the club meeting.


Considering you like stunts, I’d recomend a 19" trials. Go w/ a KH 20, Impact Regent or Gravity

Most common size for tricks and trials. You could build all sorts of trials/northshore obstacles in your yard. (see signature)

Thanks, been having a blast on the 3 I have now since this week I found the used 36er, and picked up an $80 deal on a 20" sun flatop for the gf. Plus I have the 26" which I do love.
Looking for a trials now.

Got some 152mm (6inch) cranks yesterday for the 36’er. They feel WAAAY long compared to the 125 that were on their when I got it but give me more power while getting back into it.

Going to find some 140mm to try for all around.

Do they make COTTERLESS SQUARE TAPER dual cranks like the KH? WOuld love some 125/150 for this this but I have only seen them for isis.

I have “Dialed” dual hole square taper cranks on my 32". They are 120/140, and I think they are about the perfect size for my big wheel. I have to admit that they almost always live in the 120 position. The 140 is nice for when I have taken it on rougher roads and I just want a little more control over the wheel. When I had my 36 I found that 140 was about the perfect all around size for me if I only had one length. 150 just felt too long for me.

The deal with the Dialed cranks is that the shorter ones are steel, and pretty heavy. I don’t mind that, but for some it’s a deal breaker. The longer ones are aluminum, and are 127/152. These are made for Trek kids bikes, and so you will have to grind off the swaging that holds the triple chainwheel on, but otherwise they work well for unicycles.

Since they are made for Trek bikes you have to get them through a Trek dealer, and they are only available as a replacement part. You may need to talk to someone in the service department rather than the sales floor to get them ordered. here’s a picture that shows the cranks.