I'm back, and Koxx-One Trials Video


Well, first things first! Its been a while since Ive been on the forum, only due to lack of time. Unfortunatly Ive not been riding as much as I’d like to recently, but at the weekend I did do some Trials with LooseMoose (spelling?), and DarkTom. It was ace, good day out… I’ve still got 3 doughnuts!
Also, going to Denmark on tuesday. I’m so excited, it will be mint!

Anyways, There may have been a post about this video before, but I did a quick search n couldnt find one, so here it is!

The first part is of a convention, then the rest is some AWESOME trails by Yoggi. He is so insane! Cant wait to ride with him at Denmark! Just watch the video!

Take care all, n keep riding,



I love the part with the police car in the end of the video :wink:

cu in Denmark …


I have saw the video before but it wasn’t on here. It was alright…I liked it.

Glad to have ya back Joe.

That was great I like how Yoggi looked like he was trying to play it off. Sweet video.

Joe you better not try to leave us again. There’s this new rule were if you survive our beating you can leave but other wise you’re here for life.

I just spent 4 days riding with him (and others) at the Montpellier FISE… Another cool vid will soon be available :smiley:

It was cool to meet all the people at darlington, I took some video and pictures so once all thats been edited & uploaded I’ll start a new thread about it, with a map of the course. The video of you gliding inside the factory works expecially well.

The Ridewell on sunday was much quieter, much more relaxed and busier, but simon and I still got some decent trails going and I’ve got a lot of practicing to do to catch up to you guys!


It was indeed cool to meet all the folk at Darlington. Some I had met before, some I had not. And I got a go of Loose’s GB4 Large Marge Muni, wow! What a ride!

That was my first go at trials since breaking my collar bone, and it went well. I couldn’t jump as high as I could before without pain, but I could crank/pedal grab and still get onto the things others were jumping straight up onto. Jumping off them didn’t hurt!

I even landed a grind! On my third attempt! Woo-Hoo!

Riding around inside a huge factory was good fun. Joe’s gliding was very impressive. I’ve been learning to wheelwalk with the intent of progressing to gliding and you have encouraged me even further!

Joe, have fun in Denmark! It does look like it will be huge! I was meant to go but I fear a trials convention would just be too much on my collar bone! That wee introduction back into trials on Saturday was enough for now!

I never knew about the ride on Sunday and had bought a day-return train ticket. Sounds like you all had fun tho!

An excellent day out. I got sunburn and a puncture! What more can you ask for?

I too have fotos and video of the day and will add them to Looses thread when it arrives. Unless you wanna combine the video footage somehow, Loose? PM me if you do.

Also, that video was cool! I hadn’t seen that one before! Cheers for the link. Yoggi is indeed crazy.

Remember to fill us in on Denmark, Joe. Lots of fotos and videos please!


You know what’s weird? Yoggi holds the seat with his right hand, and hops to the right. I’ve never seen anyone who’s a good rider do that before. Crazy.

Re: I’m back, and Koxx-One Trials Video

We’ll have to sort that out next week.

That is some amazing riding in that video.

So, what happened with the cops? Just a warning? Were they at least amused by it? Or were they mean?

Sweet video, thanks for link. I especially liked the part where he jumps over the guy laying down and takes off the hat! Also the end where he rides on that HIGH bridge is just insane!

In some clips i have seen, Dan heaton does it too. I’m not sure if he always does it that way though.

I wasn’t there but here’s what is said on the french forum about the “cop story”:
the cop:
“Are you insane?”
“na na”
the cop:
“yes you’re insane”
“I know what I’m doing” then he added “I’m the world champion” or somethiong like that, in order to be more credible.
Anyway he stopped riding the bridge after that.
I must confess I tend to disaprove those stunts (nothing technical but great danger in case of failure)… but I know how it is when there’s a digicam around.
Just talked with Yoggi about that last week-end, he’s a smart guy and not some kind of “jackass”…

the most important is the effect on a public who never see something like that.

he made the same show during the FISE. after that, roller skating didn’t see unicycling like a circus show.

A gallery is awaiting your pictures, too.

i thought the beggining was part of a horror film

Geee, that’s Denmark, not Montpellier. I’ll go back to sleep. :astonished: