I'm back!! And in a different country

So I used to post here pretty regularly and ride a ton in the Bay Area (California) a few years ago.

Well I have also mountain biked for years, and for the past few I got REALLY into it, racing and riding non stop, and kind of neglecting my unicycles.

Anyway, I just moved to Vancouver a few weeks ago to attend UBC, and now that I’m not racing mountain bikes (still riding them a lot though), I’ve decided to get back into uniing too! I’ve done some north shore trails on my bike and thought that they’d be AWESOME on my muni, so I had my parents ship my kh24 (and my 20 just for fun) that I had left at home, and they just came in the other day :slight_smile:

So if you’re a Vancouver area rider gimme a shout and let’s go for a ride! I’d be game for trialsin’ around the UBC campus or for a muni ride on the shore sometime.

  • Colin

Your in luck,
Vancouver seems to have a good riding group for muni, trials, and street.

Hey Colin,
On Sept 27th, we’re going to CBC.
This weekend is undecided… email us if you’d like to ride.
Frank Barchard
vanuni videographer