Im back...after 8 months of not much riding.

The last 8 months i’ve been busy with so much, and unicycling has been moving further and further down my list of priorities. I have now decided to start again, and be unicycling A LOT more than i have been.

I mainly ride street and trials, but have most probably forgotten a lot of what i could do.

I could do all the basics, such as 180 unispins - made a 360 a few times, messy crankflips, wheelwalking etc.

I was just wondering if anyone can advise me what to start with now?


If you are too busy to unicycle, you are too busy.

Welcome back.

Ride to school.

Do your tricks rolling. Work on consistency so your commute doesn’t take too long. Check my sig.

I had a hard time finding time to practice, until I started to ride my commute. I usually take a longer route (2.5 mi at the shortest) challenging myself along the way taking 45-60 min on my 20". Now in addition to that being practice time, if I have a few spare minutes where I’m at, I have my uni w/ me to practice with.

Buy a Muni and then come and ride with us!

Thanks, I think i will have to start unicycling everywhere again. I used to do that, my uni never left my side. It went literally everywhere with me, i guess that was the best way!

And yep, i have been thinking about buying a muni…just where to get the money…

I could always borrow my brothers i suppose, he doesn’t seem to uni that much anymore…