im almost there. thanks for the encouragement but i could use a little more :)

hey guys, sorry about the poor quality of this vid, but it was all the footage i had. im really really close on 360’s now so thansk for the encouragement. i could use a little more though… anyways here it is. im gonna try to get it today, all day until it happens.
jonny the kid

Wow you are very close! Very cool!

Hey Nice lid! I have the same helmet!!

Man, you are sooo close. Can you land 180s fairly regularly? Might want to practice those a bit more just to get your feet used to hitting the pedals.

everytime. :sunglasses:

you are close, wow!!

Feel the love and land it.


im still learning 180’s. i got pretty close than my uni broke(the bearings split)
im supposed to get it fixed today.anyways, nice riding. and whats with the fancy spokes? lol

call this a discreet thread bump if you want, but i aboslutely love your frequent use of exclamation points. its refreshing!:slight_smile:

I was like that for a while too. Finally I just decided to go outside and not let myself go back in until I landed one…It worked:D It feels really good when you land your first one. I just landed my first 180/360s today:D

i should take that approach. It’s been really crappy weather out, so i haven’t been able to do so.
maybe tomorrow i’ll practice in the garage.

chosen: Keep at it. It worked for me and my learning to WW, BC, and one-foot ride, and pretty much all of my other tricks. Keep at it, that’s all i can say.

i dono why but I thought I could post this video of I dono 2 months aog of me with 360 unispins… I had same prob as u chosen… then I just went for me… still hard kept on landing on the crank and falling after… :