I'm actually going to buy something this time...which of these rims?

I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing about my custom unicycle and everything related to it by now but this is my final ‘rims’ question and I’m actually going to buy something this time. I’ve decided that it’s worth paying that little bit more and getting any rim I choose from unicycle.com (and “One Tired Guy” and a miyata stiffener plate). The question is which one should I choose? At the moment I’m leaning towards the Alex DX-32 24" but I’m also considering the Sun Doublewide, Avro Zum Eliminator and any other suggestions you have.

I don’t care about the cost any more, I just want a really good rim. One thing is that I want a rim that will let me run a low tyre pressure but won’t let the tyre fold when I’m hopping to the side. I really get put off when this happens. Also I want something that’s strong and preferably lightish.

This is my last question about rims…

Which rim should I get?

  • Alex DX-32 24"
  • Sun Doublewide 24"
  • Avro Zum Eliminator
  • Any others

Thanks, and sorry for being so boring!
Andrew Carter

One more thing. I know I said money’s not an issue any more but I guess it sort of is. Why is the Alex one so much cheaper than the others?


Dude just order the alex rim. And build this beast of a uni already. I dont know how much more I can take of the custom questions. I have no idea what rim is better when you get down to the nitty gritty, but the Alex will treat you well. But seriously unless you have some finnished I’m gonna go nuts with anymore posts.

Take it easy and best of luck on your poject.


nawh ha ha ha hah.

go for the Alex,the Zum is a fat tank(strong tank though)

one tired guy is only 22minutes long,get Uni-verse instead…

Go for the Alex. I love mine.:smiley: