I'm a unicyclist!

I became a level one unicyclist last night

I’m so happy :slight_smile:


well done m8, i was over the moon when i learnt that. its the hardest trick to ever learn, i think
how long did it take u?

congratulations josh! we all remember our first good ride… the exciting feeling of knowing you’re on one wheel, the wind rushing through your hair… ok,maybe not the wind hehe. but yeah, great job!! an exciting world has just been opened to you and i wish you the best of luck in your future with the sport!!

see ya, Kevin

Thanks for the congrats
I could already ride a bit when I got on but just last night I decided to make myself freemount. Took about 2 hours of falling down off my friends unicycle but I finally made one, rode a ways, and got a clean dismount. Made up for the whole 2 hours. After this I think I may just have to buy my own unicycle and get serious.


Careful, once you buy one you will own 4 before you know it! You won’t even regret it. In fact, you will be anxiously be waiting for the chance to get a 5th one.