I'm a NOOB!

:smiley: Sup evry1 in unicyclist dot com I started unicycling 2 months ago nd my friend tells me I’m alright(he’s a unicyclist aswell)his name is ed nd hes the guy hu inspired me to start. :sunglasses: so if ny1 wants to talk im here. And if ur out there president luke u have an awesome vid and ill see u on sunday at the melb unimeet;) :slight_smile:


i don’t think luke’s goin to the meet on sunday.

bit of a bugger, but yer…

i’ll see eyou there though brownboy :wink:

yes, i know i’m your hero, max is mine :stuck_out_tongue:



Bummer:( oh well i’ll meet him eventually just not yet

That’s one more of us and one less of them.

Welcome to the fora, you’re going to love the built-in spell-checker, I can tell…

Oh yeah, just love it

Im goin to uni now cya

Hey BB! whats up?
Luke is a legend, pity u cant meet him!
C U Sunday mun! yeh!


nm but do u think i should get a thicker tyre?
Jake sed it made it way easier

atleast u admit it

Not yet I don rekon, but its up to u!
Suit urself, but it is harder and it might not be good for ur uni and frame!

thicker tires ( like having a 19" rim with a 2.5" wide tire) makes it alot better for trials and street, because of the ability of extra bounce, less likely to land flat on the rim, not as much foldage. But u need a 19inch rim to have the thicker tyre, and your frame needs to fit the tyre aswell!!

They made a huge difference in my riding, they enabled me to open new doors, i didnt know existed!!

p.s. im Tom, i ride with Luke and Max, also a mate of Ed’s!!

welcome to the fora

Yer, I know u tom! from the museum!!!

The thing is, he cant really do that much stuff yet, thats y he dusnt need a new tyre yet, but he’ll catch up!


r u gonna go to the melb one on sunday?If so i’ll c u there:D

i just went through ‘nuberty’ ( time where you go from learner to rider ) i told brownboy to get the thicker tyre

was i right? :thinking: + something has been eating at me if i can uni the same as one guy but i cant always free mount and he can does that mean hes better than me? :thinking:

P.S. he has been riding for three months more then me

It probably just means he’s practised the free mount more than you.


i was wondering how is an exellent way to learn hopping coz i just cant get the hang of it i think i maybe doin it wrong could it have something to do with my left crank’s negative Q-factor ( it just bends straight in ask ed or max) could i get some pointerz

just practice.

There isn’t a trick to it…

I don’t think you have the ideal uni for it though, with your generic uni with high preassure.

It’s more fr just riding.

When you get ur new uni, you’ll find it easier, or even use joshs?