Im a newbie and i need help.

I just started unicycling 2 weeks ago and im begining to be able to ride without falling. i have a few ?'s about unicycling. any tips would be great.

  1. What is a suicide mount?
  2. What is wall riding?
  3. What is all this stuff with stairs? going up and down and such?
  4. How do you hop?
  5. How do you get up curbs?
  6. My unicycle is a Unistar CX Torker?? is that good? The wheel is 24 inch (i payed $100 bucks it better be!)
  7. Any other tips for someone new?

Gilby: This is why we need some kind of forum instructions up front, and a possible “cooling off” period for new users.

Welcome Dreamknight! You are in a wonderful new world where thousands of unicycling questions have already been answered. But it requires some searching, and lots of reading! Here are some quick answers:

  1. Jumping on no-hands. Balance the unicycle in front of you and jump!
  2. Riding on a wall I guess.
  3. It’s going up and down stairs. Quite bumpy if you ask me. :slight_smile:
  4. Like a pogo stick. It’s actually easier than riding.
  5. Hop.
  6. Your CX is good for $100. Yes, if it’s 24" it will say so on the tire.
  7. Don’t start any more threads for at least two weeks. Then, always make sure you use the Title (subject) slot with plenty of words to describe what the thread is about. Now find tha Search link up near the top of the page and start reading!

dont do it like a pogo stick. you have to do a split second still stand (balancing the cycle without moving), compress the tire, and use that to propel you into the air. other than that, johnny was all right.

  1. Hold the uni in front of you w/ the pedals horizontal, jump on the seat and ride away.
  2. I think it’s where you ride towards a wall jump, twist and land w/ the tire on the wall, jump off and ride back to where you were coming from.
  3. They are an easily accessible obstacle to try to go up/down. Good practice for going up trails you can’t pedal and riding down steep, bumpy trails.
  4. Hold onto the front of the seat (or handle, which your uni doesn’t have), jump and pull the uni up with you.
  5. Hop up or roll up. For roll up it’s easier if your dominant foot is in the 10:00 position when you hit the curb. When you hit it stand up, crank down hard on that foot, and pull up on the seat.
  6. No. It sucks, but O.K. for learning on. You’ll want to upgrade that seat ASAP if not the whole uni. Don’t ever do anything bigger than jumping off 2 stairs or it’ll break. Better yet, keep it to curbs, and riding down stairs.

wow is my uni that bad? if i get a new one what should i get?
i like it because its really easy to turn on.

Your unicycle is just fine for now. You will enjoy it while it lasts, however you are going to have to buy a new unicycle to withstand the abuse of tricks you will learn. After you find out what style of unicycling you like most. search the forums for [insert unicycle style here] unicycle. Good luck!


What Chris said on the hopping.

But to be a suicide mount and not a jump mount, you have to let go of it before you jump!