I'm a new unicyclist and need help.

First of all i am new to this forum and to unicycling in general. i want to get a unicycle but dont know what kind. i am 6ft tall, 160lbs and want to have a unicycle that will be able to be used to learn to ride and for beginning street/freestyle tricks. i hope that makes sense. $200 max

Most people I’m guessing will refer you to the torker lx. I think its in the 120price range so you’ll be saving yourself some money. From that unicycle you can see what you really want to get into and then upgrade from there. Good luck.

You might want to use the search function next time because I know there’s a lot of threads about this, people on this forum are real strict about cluttering the forum.

thanks. do you know where i can get one? any good, reliable websites?
oh and sorry about the search thing

People who complain about the “search feature” are worse than those who don’t use it. It’s cool “someunicyclist”, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Try Unicycle.com, Amazon.com, AEbikes, Ebay…etc…

I bought my unicycle new off of Ebay, a 20" Torker LX, from “I Sell Low” buyer name:


The Torker is available with a longer and shorter seatpost; make sure you’re getting the longer one if you’re taller. It sounds like the ad above is for the longer one. You may still need to cut a bit off the bottom.

The LX has a square-taper crank connection, not a splined connection. So I gather it’s not the ideal unicycle to go jumping around on. But it’s held up fine for general riding while both me (260#) and my son have been learning.

The Nimbus unicycles are good. They are Unicycle.coms own brand unicycle. Designed by pros with quality and value for money in mind http://www.unicycle.com/Shopping/shopexd.asp?id=1055
They also do a trials one, which has a more sturdy wheel with a 19" wheel, but that costs more in the region of $250-$270 or so. It depends how serious you are about it and how much you are willing to put into it.
I started unicycling recently and bought a unicycle (in the UK, but still comparable). It cost me roughly $60 and within a month I have:
1, snapped the seat therefore needed to replace that - $80
2, twisted both crank arms - $30
3, bent the wheel pretty bad. (This one is probably my fault for not keeping the spokes tight and constantly checking and looking after it.) I will true this myself, so this would be free, but if you were to take it to a shop then it could cost anywhere in the region of $20-40.
So add all of that up and I’ve spent about $200 already! It is definitely well worth buying something decent from the off.

Good luck with it. Pm me if you need any help from the UK!

Yeah, keep in mind the type of riding If you just want to get around your college campus, you don’t need an expensive uni. If you want to be a street rider, then yeah…an expensive uni would be the best bet. I’m sure a torker would be fine for someone just starting out. I mean, I really don’t see the need to spend the money unless you need to or you’re really into it. But if you’re just starting out, whats the point? It really does depend.

also, be sure to check your local bike shops, i’ve seen several shops in jersey w/ pretty decent prices, and it will save you shipping over e-bay (if you can find a good shop, that e-bay price is pretty good). the new 20" lx frame looks suspiciously like the old dx frame and is considerably beefed up from the larger lx frames and in my opinion, blows away anything else below $200 bucks (i have one). you really can’t find a uni w/ isis cranks in that price range, but if you’re low on cash like me, this will give you something solid to learn on until are ready to upgrade.
ok not quite everything below $200, i would probably recommend this if you’ve got the cash, check it out. http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=1055http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=1055

Maybe a Torker DX? or…ummm… a unicycle off ebay called a “pro circus unicycle” altho its nor really circus-ish. my frends got one and they are cheap but you wont be able to have heavy impacts on the cranks and when u bunny hop to hard the hub is weak so dont do that. its fine for freestyle, mounts and learning stuff but not agressive street or trials.

did you check out that link? i believe it’s the best sub $200 you can buy, and would cost you less than a dx, which are not bad either. if you wanted to get something cheaper, i would get the lx, they tend to be more solid than cyclepro or any of the other brands currently avail. on ebay.

  • 1 for the lx to learn on…

But even better, buy something strong and big that will last for a long time, with a bit more speed: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=1057

To be honest, and as I think some people have said

  • if you’re looking to buy something that will last and you have already decided what you want to do with your uni (which isn’t likely), then you need to look for something more expensive, like the one i linked to above

  • but if you just want to try it out and see if you like it, then the torker LX is most likely what you want, and it will last at least long enough for you to learn on.

i totally agree :slight_smile:

thanks to everyone.
i am probably going to get a torker lx
i think that it will be a good beginner cuz i have no idea what i want to do. and im short on cash

you will not be dissapointed! they’re great unis, good luck!

Size could be something to think about too. If you want to use it for getting around, a Torker LX 24 may be a good bet. Maybe a little harder to learn on than a 20, but you’ll pick it up.

good point. i am 6’1" and i actually learned on a 26" i was more comfortable on the bigger wheel. my bro is the same way, he learned on a 24"

but arent 20 inch tires easier to learn on? and arent 20 inches better for basic tricks like bunny hop … :thinking:

Generally yes, but some feel more comfortable on larger wheels, esp. taller people. (I’m 5’10" and my 24 was terrifying to ride away from the rail, but a 16" was fine, so I road that for a while before moving back up)

I think you should get the 20" LX, keep the spokes tight, don’t do any drops, and start saving your $. When you decide the area you want to get into, get the best you can afford for that area, like a KH, for anything rough.

If you get either of the Nimbus’ and plan to do any drops, it’s recomended to upgrade to KH Moment cranks (about $50). I don’t think the two posted don’t have really strong rims (although the 48 spokes makes up for it a bit), so keep a close eye on spoke tention.

The reason I brought up an LX 24 is that once he learned and felt comfortable enough to “hop and drop”, the LX 24 would still serve a purpose: For riding mid distances at a reasonable speed, faster than walking. Once he reached this point, the non splined 20" would sit in a corner collecting dust. Then maybe he’d want to invest in a tougher 20 inch and have a good idea if he’d want to then save up for a tougher 24 inch MUni or go up to a 29 inch for the 3rd one (Who wants to settle for just one).

If, he decided he liked the 24", and wanted to upgrade to a splined 24", he wouldn’t be out anything cause he would have a narrower, higher pressure tire 24 that’s good for buzzing the block, a 24" MUni that could be used for beating on, and maybe a tough 20 inch trials…

Yup, the LX 20 is a good little unit, but it’s really limited. I really liked mine, but wound up selling it cause it couldn’t take much of a beating and it wasn’t any fun going for longer rides… Would be a different story if he was really young, or not as tall.

how young do you mean?