I'm a little skeptic of renegade...

i don’t like the security stuff online, so i was hoping that i could get some feedback from people who have actually ordered stuff from them in the past, i’m not looking for anyone who’s sponsored by them tho…

what you ordered, how you paid, and how long it took is what i’m lookin for.

I see what you mean. Though they send the credit card numbers encrypted, the rest of your personal data probably isn’t. At the bottom of the page it says they’re working on a proper SSL setup. Until then, why not just call? I haven’t ordered so I have no information there, though the Renegade folks were very popular, offering support at MUni Weekend last fall.

I’ve gotten loads of juggling and unicycling stuff from them and I haven’t had any security problems, the guy who works there is really cool and nice too.


Well I “ordered” a whie russian street type unicycle and they did not have the frame, so I decided to go with yellow and black, But then they didn’t have the street cranks, so I cancelled the order and we (my parents) never got charged.

I don’t see anything wrong with them, it just takes a while for them to get stuff back in stock.

i didn’t like their site either, so i just ordered by phone and it worked out fine. very friendly lot over there.

I just bought a try-all stiky from them. no problems.

Ive never had any problems from Renegade. Some stuff has come as quickly as 3 days, from CA-CT.

Renegade is a great place, located in Santa Cruz, CA. Realize that a lot of their stuff comes from Koxx…which comes from a far away land.


Renegade juggling

Been around forever. I bought some stage balls a while back.

Excellent selection of juggling clubs.

It’s sorta like they are the only American Koxx 1 shop.

They might have flacky web page security. I 'm not able to tell. :thinking: I give the shop an A+ for rep in the juggling world.

ok, cool, i’m getting a new rim, finally!!!