illinois/chicago riders?

any on here? wanna be friends? lol, i wanna meet up with some riders, maybe shoot a sick video. post here if your anywhere in illinois!

Hey! What kind of riding do you do? There is an okay size street/trial/flat group that will meet up every so often (mostely in summer (we are all in school)).

Here is the forum group:

Here is our latest group video:

Hi, I’m an new-to-Illinois rider, 'bout forty minutes south of Chicago.
I could use some help finding the other riders in the area, google’s been no help. xP
And I’d be up for making a video, I brought my tripod with me, so if you’re still up to it ( and not forever away ), I’d be up to it.

And incase the reader is wondering, I’m a college student right now.

I live in Wheaton, if you know where that is :stuck_out_tongue: I’m now the best rider strictly speaking, but I’m learning the basics in street and flats.

Woah, I meant NOT strictly the best rider! Haha my ego isn’t that big!

I live in Chicago on the south side. near here if you want to ride maybe sometime. I’m also in College but I’m back for the summer.

I’m in Kenosha, but my sweeties live in Evanston and Chicago so I’m down there pretty regularly.

Of course, I can’t actually ride my uni yet; I just got on it for the first time yesterday. But progress is slowly being made.

I’m in the west burbs. Living in Wheaton currently, moving to Woodridge next month.

I ride the trails at Palos often. Mainly on a Mtn B*ke, but occasionally on a 24" Muni. I’d love someone to Muni with. I’m not super good, or fast, but I can trudge through things pretty well.

Also looking for an excuse to get a 29er Muni. Having someone to ride with, especially if they have a bigger wheel, will help me justify that expense.

I’m reviving this thread. I live in Chicago proper (until August, when I’m moving), and would love to meet up and ride with other people.
I have a 26 muni, and enjoy dirt trails even though I’m not that skilled at them.

I also don’t have a car–if a ride is not accessible by transit, I can’t get there.

Im down by joliet but I’m not the best rider ever.

Ha, I live in southern Illinois, anyone else live here?