I'll regret this tomorrow

Lousy day at work. Manic ride tonight.

Previous records set on a Coker with 150 mm cranks:
12.95 miles covered in 1 hour exactly.
Furthest distance ridden without a dismount: 22.2 miles in 2; hours.

700c x 23 mm tyre, at 120 psi (8 Bar)
114mm cranks
Plain Miyata seat - no air cushion, no gel pad, no “bars”.
(So that’s a skinny 28 with a rock hard tyre, shortish cranks, and a seat like a lightweight brick.)

First hour: 10.3 miles covered (16.57 km)
15 miles covered at 1:29
At 2 hours, 20.3 miles covered. (32.66 km)
Total time without a dismount 2 hours 14 minutes
Distance covered without a dismount: 22.5 miles (36.2 km)
Average speed over the ride: 10.1 mph (16.25 kph)
Max speed 13.6 mph (21.88 kph)

Blimey I can only manage 3 miles without letting the blood circulate. :o

hmmm…sounded like a good idea…untill

114mm cranks aren’t shortish, they’re twice as long as I’m used to…

I have some 110s, 89s and 80s. The 80s resulted in the Low Budget Poseidon Adventure when I had to rescue the Bacon Slicer from the Nottingham/Beeston Canal.

With 114s, the uni is sufficiently versatile for cross country as long as the slick tyre can find traction.