I'll Help Fund Your Next Unicycle

Hey guys,
There is this site in which you put out a post for a charity fund for yourself or an organization. Visit crowdfunder.com to set up an account and you’ll receive 10$ free. Give the causes you want a buck and you’ll recieve money from people who are dying to support your cause. I’ll even donate a buck to ya.

I made a listing :slight_smile: Hopefully this works out.

This is such a misuse of people’s good will… I took a look at the site and found many more funds for “wants” than for “needs”. No one needs a new unicycle, a copy of Guitar Hero or a keg of beer for their party.

People need money for food, clothing and shelter. People need money to help care for orphans, homeless and the terminally ill. People need funding for research into AIDS, Cancer and Alzheimers.

Charity is not about ego, nor should it be used for ego.

If you’re feeling charitable, start here, then work outwards. Help your community first, then help yourself with what’s left over. It’ll make the world a little smaller, and a better place to live.

Well said

agreed 100%

I would agree as well. I don’t mean to be antagonistic but I think is a well used program. You give about how much you receive. I have a post that is not a need. I have funded myself thoughout my ski career, making it to Junior Olympics several times. I was streched for funds last year, so i made a post in order to raise some money to support local athletes like myself. I believe that everyone could use a little help here or there. Of course it is important to help the victims, but it is also important to help the people who excell in what they do. I was foremost trying to increase popularity of the site…by friends request.