I'll be part of this...


I can’t wait. I don’t think I’ll be ‘competing’ in the speed trials though. :slight_smile: Just doing a demo.


Oh my goodness, I just read the blurb about it…I’m scared! :slight_smile:

nice one! you shouldnt be scared from what ive seen in your galleries, you’ll prove a good crowd pleaser. good luck.

Just stack it and you’ll do fine, that’s always a crowd pleaser :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, good luck.


Ohhhhhhhhh, I both pity and envy you. They really know how to load on the pressure! Just work on easy crowd pleasers, like pedalgrabbing over a chainlink fence. It’s not that bad if the fence is right, and it’ll look awesome. Just don’t try to ride the bike trials lines until you’ve seen them start to finish (it’d suck to just be like, “oh god, I can’t do that gap!” in the middle of the line), those will be crazy hard on uni (I imagine). Most of all, have fun and remember, most of the crowd’s never seen a unicycle, let alone one jumping, so if worst comes to worst you can fall back on freestyle and also, even if you screw up, just by being on only 1 wheel, you’ve put on a good show. Not to mention, you rock, so you’ll be fine.

Good Luck!


well done

well done on scoring such a cool gig (if it can be called that).
unless people have seen you before they’ll be amazed just by you riding the thing let alone doing the course.
Good Luck,

have no fear!

this is a great opportunity to spread the sport…just do what you’re best at and im sure you’ll be the guy everyone is talking about long after the demo is over :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot guys. :slight_smile:

I’ve done a couple of demos before so this shouldn’t really be any different. Basically I’ll turn up like 45 minutes before the ‘show’ and have a look at the obstacles we have to work with, then tell people roughly what I’ll be doing and we’ll all just take turns doing lines on the course. Most of the gaps are fine on a uni but the ups are really tricky. I’ll have to bring along sandwich boards to help out.

It’s interesting, the attitude of all the riders is super-relaxed and all and I was really surprised that the Powerhouse went to the trouble of writing something about it. I wonder if it will be indoors or outdoors. Well I’ll be sure to get some nice footage of both our demo and the speed trials competition.

Thanks for the support.


I’ll be really stoked if I make it up the ladder. I successfully made it in a competition once but not in the last demo I did. It’s tricky because it’s all round, about 3m long, and the rungs are spaced at about 50cm apart from memory so I can’t rest in between them. It’s well built for bike trials though. :slight_smile: I’ve been working on technical gapping lately though with my gapping bars so I should make it up there. I might do some sort of gapping/dropping suicide mount…as long as they promise not to incorrectly point out that, “This guy doesn’t plan on having children” or something along those lines. :slight_smile:


dont worry about a thing. as gerblefranklin said, the vast majority of that crowd hasnt even seen someone riding a unicycle at all, and obviously has no idea of what is possible on a unicycle. you could do something you think is simple, and just floor them. I have experimented with this kind of thing before. pedalgrabs over a chainlink fence will have them gazing slack-jawed in wide-eyed wonderment. have fun, and dont feel too pressured. (unless you are one of those guys who thrives on it)

Thanks for the support. I went to a trials comp today (I’ll make a new thread soon with photos and videos) and learnt a little more about the course. Basically we’re doing the demo on a slightly modified version of the speed trials course. We’ll mainly have pallets (lots with a 2m drop) truck tyres, skinnies, drums, and maybe spools. Oh yes, and Le’s beautiful ladder which is a lot of fun.

It sounds like a lot of fun, but it’s even bigger than I’d anticipated. Here is a scan of the flyer they’ve made up for the event (they got my age wrong, I’m 18). There’s a legible version here - http://gallery.unicyclist.com/albup07/demo_flyer?full=1

Unfortunately, Joel (one of the three of us riders) did some shoulder damage at the competition today. It may just be a dislocated shoulder but looked like it could be quite a bit worse so it might just be Le and I. That doesn’t help my confience. :slight_smile:

The demo is in two weeks and I’m on holidays now so I’ll have time to practise my skills. Should be fun.