I was able to hunt down a older KH29 with the stout tire!
Woo!! Hoo!! I’m having a blast with her!

My riding will probably be about 2/3 pavement, 1/3 trails. It seems a waste to grind down these knobbies.
With my narrower frame, I see others like the Maxxis Ardent for a reduction of rotating weight reduction along with a more tame knob design. With my research, It seems that the Maxxis Ikon would roll a lot easier than the Ardent.

Has any one tried n Ikon on a uni?
Should I just ride with the stout and worry about a different tire when I need one?


Can’t help yet! I’m running a 2.25" nobby nice on my 29 just now. I have an ikon on my bike which I probably will try at some point, it’s certainly a fast tyre on the bike & I think it will be ideal on the uni for the riding I do on the 29, a combination of gravel forest roads and tarmac.

I got the Ikon for my 27,5’’ XC Muni. I got the 3C 2.35’’ version, it’s setup tubeless. Really fast tire, I like the grip so far, so slipping. I’m still not as confident as with my Hans Dampf but I’ve only been on 2 rides on it so far.

My biggest concern is that it’s not really stable. It’s a light and fast tire but when riding on angled terrain it doesn’t hold very well. I also riped the tire on my first ride. I patched it and still riding. But I was running the Schwalbe for 2 seasons and never riped during a ride!

I assume this is from a thin sidewall? If you don’t mind, what weight are you and pressure your running?

I’m 175lbs and am running 20lbs with the Stout.

Thanks for your input.

I have the one with EXO protection, pretty light yes.

I weight 183lbs, I ride about 25-27psi in my tire. I also ride very rough terrain in a very rough way :stuck_out_tongue: