II SUC-K Muni video

This the first of two videos about the II SUC-K convention in Slovenia. Part two will follow soon. Many thanks for some great days in Slovenia!!!

watch: II SUC-K Muni
download: http://deluxe.unicycle.tv/1080.iisuc-kmuni.mp4

Cool video :slight_smile: Great to have such a large group doing some downhill muni. Looking forward to the next video :smiley:

Yes it was a very nice convention, I hope to make part two of this convention this weekend. Greetings from ZIP ZAP to you, we meet them yesterday and today they do a show together with Darja.

Wow… didn’t know that Zip Zap traveled that far abroad. Nice one. Hope the show with Darja is great !!!

They are on a Tour through germany supported by a Children help association and did 3 great shows here in cologne. Darja appear only in the third one. Those kids bring great spirit in the Circus group which is in cologne and give them much more natural power. It was great to have them here. We talk with Tansys little brother about Muni in Capetown so we came on you. How many riders do ride muni in Capetown actually ? (sorry for beeing off topic to all but this is also interesting :slight_smile: )

I like the video especialy because I was at this convention. Hury up for suck trial video :wink: I realy look forward to it.

Hey Olarf

At the moment we’re not many, around 14 that ride MUni with 5 of those very regulars, doing around 3-4 rides a week. On our ride this last Saturday there were 6 of us. So we’re getting some consistent numbers riding, with a lot of interest being show at the moment. Mountain Biking is one of the fastest growing sports in SA at the moment, with Tokai Forest our favourite riding spot being the MTB’ers favourite riding spot as well. So we’re seeing more and more people on the trails. It also helps that we have a Unicycle supplier in OddWheel Unicycles being based in Cape Town, so people wanting to get into unicycling have easier access to uni’s :slight_smile:

We’re getting there slowly … we have a local web presence (link in my sig) with a forum for people to chat and arrange rides, and am very happy that people from up North in SA (Johannesburg) are getting more involved in Mountain Uni.

Perhaps you’ll do a trip to South Africa and we can get together for a ride or 2 ? :smiley: