II Italian Unicycle weekend

Hi all!
I` m proud to present to you…

here the flyer http://picasaweb.google.it/Giocologgi/2WeekendMonociclisticoItalianoMonteveglio/photo#5090950515575012898

It will be on 31 august (for arrival) and the 1st and 2nd of semptember
It will take place in Monteveglio (Bologna), a lovely place (not only cause I live there…) in the north/center of Italy.

Last year was the first edition and everything was great! We were only 30 riders, but this year we will be more!
You can watch Last year video on http://picasaweb.google.it/Giocologgi/Video

The main target is definitely fun but that’s what we will have!
Saturday morning: freestyle, share tricks and workshops
Saturday afternoon: The Big Muni ride! Monteveglio has a big natural park, and we can ride into!
It will be a ride suitable for “almost newbie”, but with some points definitely hard…
Saturday night: There will be a big party with music, drinks, fun and obviously uni!
We’ll have a trial section too so we can try some trial lines.
Sunday morning: Uni-basket and Uni-hockey tournament
Sunday afternoon: Trial competition, best trick and more fun! And we will have prizes for winners!

The weekend is totally free! Nothing to pay (excepet from food and drinks…).
You can stay in your own tent, caravan or we will also have a gym with services to sleep inside!

During the weekend we also are going to form the Italian Unicycle Association! A storic moment for the italian unicycling

So, if you plan to come to Italy in that period, you’re all invited!


Nice, makes me wish that I was in Italy for the weekend. You might want to post this on the “News and Announcements” section of the board to reach more people and possibily on an unicyle calender like on unicycle.com

You might want to post this on the "News and Announcements" section of the board 

Lol, I’ve tried, but it said to me that I haven’t the rights to do that, so I posted it here. :thinking:

Ciao! Sono in Italia per quel fine settimana - ti ho mandato un PM. :slight_smile:

No, you can post there, it will be moderated by administrators first though


Hmm… I’d love to go.

The main thing is the cost of ticket from Cyprus. And the fact that I’ve got work. I wish the convention was later on, sometime in September…

I might not be able to make it to this convention, but supposing I came to Bologna for a few weeks in autumn, would there be enough people to go for a ride?

During 29/30 semptermber there will be another meeting, in Prato (near Florence)! Maybe smaller than this one, but still a meeting! I`ll be there with my buddies!

Youre supposing right.... Ill be happy to have a muni ride or something else with you, and anyway I think Bologna is the city with the biggest concentration of italian unicyclists, and now we have a website http://www.unicyclist.it/, and with this we are more in contact and we are creating more occasion of meetings!
In case you can come, send me a mail at giocologgi@alice.it or cal me at +39 3471510024. I`ll be glad to give hospitality to you!

Why, thank you! That makes it two kewl people in Bologna that I now know.

If I come, I’ll definitely give you a shout.

Weve surpassed 50 partecipants! It will be great! Ill come with the pictures…