if your uni was a animal, it would be a...

Mine would be this fine pooch:

Mine would be John Childs because it constantly schools me.

My unicycle would be a donkey because it can plug its way up any hill, it is surprisingly fast, and it stubbornly bucks me off at unexpected moments.

Does that mean you can do doughnuts on your uni? Coooool! I wanna see video!


A road runner…

a stallion cause it’s black and perty it would be black perdy instead of black beauty because he like, dies or something

A chicken. My riding style is kinda chicken, and I can say I’m afraid of breaking my equipment. (That’s why I can’t do that crazy drop to skinney! I might break my rim!)

a platypus

well, it’s odd for most people, and it lays eggs.

A chameleon, because it can adapt (blend in) to any environment instantly! :sunglasses:

A skunk. Because I stink at riding.

Unicorn…Mysterius and never seen in the normal world… And they have the same Abreviation Uni…

ground sloth

A Buffalo.
Becasue it is built like a brick shithouse, can get up to some pretty crazy speeds on the downhill trails and is not affraid to dominate any terrain it comes accross.

an anklysaurus because its old, slow, not good at hopping, uncomfortable to ride, but indestructable.

a nimbkerbus (nimbus/torker) , she comes in the night when you are sleeping and steals your one wheeled soul, spits it up and then sells it to the devil

A snake

Arnold …the Pig!!!

mmmmmmmmmm…a Sloth…Sloths rule!

20" Qu-Ax - A wild lioness, it’s called Elisha Cuthbert.
24" KH - A dog, because it smells and dogs smell.
36" superuni - A horse, because it has a huge pole.

mine would be a tigger! not a tiger. you kno that guy from winnie the pooh. i think hes a tigger cuz im always bouncin around on it.