if your uni was a animal, it would be a...

My Coker would be a blue whale cause it goes where it wants to and I only ride along and enjoy the ride. :roll_eyes:

A liger.

Pretty much my favorite animal.




A bucking bronco: it gallops at full steam and it’s all I can do just to hang on.

…or maybe a deer. Ever see a deer leaping into the forest? That’s how I ride muni. :slight_smile:

The 6’ Giraffe I’m borrowing would be an elephant - tough to get on, annoying to train properly, built like a tank, and not the preferred way to get somewhere in a hurry. Not to mention that if it falls over, you’re pretty much dead. It’s also quite impressive to ride. :stuck_out_tongue:

My freestyle uni is probably a fish of some sort - graceful, turns on a dime, and can go pretty fast but you’ve gotta push it pretty hard.

a sturdy old goat

My trials/muni would absolutely be an armadillo. It’s very mobile but can take almost any beating that the street/trails can dish out.

My muni would be a hippopotamus because it feels huge for me. My trials would be a kangaroo because it likes hopping around. My giraffe would be giraffe. My 16" and 12" would be slugs, they are small, slow and not very usefull to me…do slugs count as animals? whatever.

grrrrrr. tyler you took my answer. but ya the liger is what my uni woiuld be…that or a potato bug…cuz the both roll around

a forest dwelling creature of some sort, like a panther, stealthy and manuverable over large areas of difficult terrain.


My first unicycle (Schwinn 6-footer) would be a giraffe. It’s on the sticker.

Similarly, my early Miyatas all had Flamingos on the stickers, while they lasted (the stickers, that is). Even today, I still think Miyata calls all their unicycles flamingos.

Then there are a few penguins running around out there. It was a company that was most known for its short giraffes (4-5’).

I know, boring answers…

a rat. it gets no respect but it’s actually pretty cool.

a mesquito

it’s just there to annoy the hell out of me…

it’d be a beast. because that’s what i called it when i first took it outta the box.

Very kewl thread.

An organ grinder’s monkey.

A Ferret
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Re: if your uni was a animal, it would be a…

a jellyfish.

A sea cucumber (Holothuroidea). When it gets scared by a nasty bit of trail, it expels the exterior part of its viscera through a violent muscular contraction…no, wait…that’s me that does that…


My trials would be a squirrel monkey.
Beacuse it leaps 80 feet from tree to tree with me on its back. (see pic.)