If you lose your legs.... don't give up!

Check this out.

Wow, that looks awesome! :astonished:
Those gaps are giant

Shouldnt this be in general discussion though?

It just shows that this guys makes no excuses… He just puts his mind to it and succeeds

I read an article in Bike Magazine about the 2nd guy, Stacy Kohut, This guy became a paraplegic when he was young because he tried to do a back flip on a swing set. He landed on his head and his whole body folded over.

The guy who wrote the article could not believe that this dude was riding faster than him down a trail in whistler because he could barrely even keep up with him. Keep in mind he cannot pedal it’s all about flow down the line.

All I say is WOW. I mean we can almost say this is the new era Terry Fox.

wow. that is insperational. amazing he didnt stop being extreme. livin it out in the fullest.

Here’s the way we do it (we have no snow), Build a ramp at the local lake and go for it. The guy in the picture is a friend of mine who lost his left leg in an auto accident. He still races mountainbikes and can even ride a unicycle

Mike upside down.jpg

wow. thats awsome. cool how you can come back from somthing like that.

wow. im very impressed! that was quite a push to get out there and just go for stuff.

He’s prety good at that. Looking to get paralized again though I guess…

There’s a video around of a 15 year old kid doing a backflip in a skatepark, on a regular-shaped wheelchair. And he does grinds and stuff.

damn, i’d like to try bustin out on one of those wheel chairs, even though i’m not crippled…it looks friggin fun!

Awesome. Just… awesome.

I have seen this before, its in a mountain bike movie (New world disorder) and its the video that kris holm is in. What got me into unicycling.

Its great to see that people arent letting those things stop them from doing what they love.