if you have a spare seat,post,cranks and pedals read this.

before i sell my Sem 29er i thought i would look for someone that has there own seat,seat post,cranks and pedals that wants a 29er.

i would like to sell my Semecycle frame and wheel only.

the frame:Semecycle 29" (Chrome)

the wheel:48 holed Suzie hub
48 DT spokes
Mavic 48 hole tandem rim (strong)
WTB Nanorapter (2.1) in awesome condition+fat 2.1 tube.
40mm bearings included too.
oh ya,you get the seat collar aswell.


i would rather sell it this way but if nobody cares i guess i’ll have to build it up all the way and sell it then.

i’m still paying off the loan for my KH20 and i had to use the seat,pedals etc. off that 29er.

anyone interested?any Canadians,they seem to like what i have to sell.everything i sell on here seems to go up north.

the frame and wheel have been sold…thanx :wink: