if you from berlin

i will be in berlin saturday , my chance to learn skills unicycle…
can i found who will help and share with me =)

You are going to buy a unicycle in Berlin, right?

I read this post of yours, from March:

i hate wait, so i get KH20 already :slight_smile: and i can ride and little jump… but i need who can share with me there.

Berlin, Ostbahnhof

How long will you stay in Berlin.
I’ll be back at friday.

Maybe we can ride together this weekend.


Amazing :))

i will be 2 weeks in Ostbahnhof. you from there??

Tomorrow, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at Sunday.


Uli and me (Christof) will be there

Ich hol den Kollegen mit Tina um 10Uhr30 ab und wir sind spätestens 11Uhr am “Skaterdenkmal”. (VoPa F-hain, Google-Maps 52.529113,13.438547)
12Uhr45 muss ich los zum Babyschwimmen… :wink:

I am happy to see that you are in Berlin and that you have made contact with some local rider. I do hope you will enjoy your time in Berlin, I love this city.
Say hi to your unicycle :slight_smile:

I hope there will be more than 3 :roll_eyes:

Alaa in Berlin

Da waren wir tatsächlich zu siebt :wink:

Und für alle die noch mehr sehen wollen schauen hier: Click

love uuu all new and beautifull frinds =)))

thanks Aloooot