If you could only have one, which one?

From time to time, I am asked by newbies or wannabes, “Which unicycle should I get (or get next)?”

For the can’t ride want to learn folks, my stock answer is usually “A 20-inch. Spend what you can. But they can be had for under $100.”

For the rider who wants to expand his collection, my advice is a reversal of the actual question. I usually say “If I had to get rid of all but ONE unicycle, I’d keep the 24-ich MUni.”

There are other threads describing our collections. But this thread is a question of subtraction. I know that most people only have one (poor saps), and I suppose its ok to respond with why you have what you have. But that factor of wisdom and experience leads to a response flavored a certain way.

I believe the responses to this thread will be a valuable tool to the unicycler looking for guidance.

If you had to get rid of all but one, what would you keep?

ME: 24" MUni. I love the trails. Sometimes solo, sometimes with Uni-companions.

my one!

This is a bit of a toss up for me but it would be between my 20" freestyle and my 29" road uni.

In the end I’d keep the 20" since the circus arts aspect of uniing has always been what most motivates me.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

5’ giraffe, simply because it was the first, and I am most comfortable on it, and I love riding it… (and a JJuggle said, the circus arts aspect is what draws me back)

It would be the Pashley 29er, I have a place to ride it, if there was a good place around here to ride the Coker it would be the only one. Hard choice indeed!


I’d just keep my trusty “old” 24" MUni. Nimbus II. Aaah! But all my riding friends need the help of a training wheel on the front. I love to ride trails and DH with it, but I also do most (pretty much all) of my trials on it too. I don’t know why, but since I got it I’ve felt a lot more home on it. Except that backwards riding works better on my 20".

I’d scrap the dead 20" without hesitation. The Giraffe and cheap 24" would have to go (I’d donate them to worthy causes). All I would have left is the 24x3" Wilder MUni, with a selection of 145mm and 170mm cranks.

It’s tempting to say I’d keep the 36" Hunter which I don’t yet have, but it might not be versatile enough for an only unicycle. I’ll stick with the MUni for now.

24x3" MUni

Hands down

I only have two, so I’d keep the KH20 trials uni.

Hmmmm…Lets see… The Summit, or the absolutely nothing…hmmmm
I’ll take the summit, but i wish i had a uni good enough to say that i wouldn’t say the summit

Nimbus 24x3 Muni is the one I’d keep.

Maybe when I get back to doing more with my 29"-er I might start to approach a dilema, but I doubt it.

My little used 20" would be the first to go.

24" SH MUni.

The 24x3" muni, without question. It has oh-so-very-shiny onza cranks, and I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of them… :slight_smile:



Since all I’ve got is a crappy 20’’ and a Summit, I’d obviously go with the Summit. But if I had to have only one unicycle and it could be any one, I’d go with a 26X3 MUni. But … my trials … what shall I do … um … Oh, all right, I hate having to choose one uni but if I had to it would be a 24X3 MUni, because it is perfectly possible to do some trials on it but I’m not so sure about the 26’’. Right now, however, I can pretty much say for sure that my next uni will be a 26’’ MUni.

Wait, not Blue Shift! I’d like to get rid of all my cycles and pick up Blue Shift. If that’s not an option (which I don’t think it is). If they cycles I have (20" pos, 20" Summit, 26 Road) the 26 gets the most use, but the 20 would be the one I’d keep. If we expand the options to cycles we don’t have, I’d like a 24" MUni.

Hope that make sense,

This statement accurately defines the intent of this thread. One must ponder and I believe that through this agony we come to a truth. I too was interested in Harper’s answer.

I haven’t actually counted, but it appears that so far the clear overall winner so far is a 24 x 3 MUni of one kind or another.

Thank goodness it was my original answer or I’d be fixating right now and scrounging the $$ and contacting you-know-who.com. :smiley:

The crappy united 20" couldn’t go for the sake of sentiment, but for usefullness I’d lose the 24x3 and keep the stock Onza, just cuz my muni won’t last much longer, and my onza is great. If I had a KH pro 24x3, though I’d keep that, but alas, mine is a custom with bent monty cranks and a rhynolite rim.

I’m still sold on my 26" Pashley. I can throw on a road tire or a Gazz Jr., or even a Big Apple, and I have 3 different unis for the price of one. 26" is only about 8% larger than 24", and the Gazz Jr is the same weight as the 24x3 Gazz. On the other hand, you can put a 700c with Nano in the Pashley frame. Such versatility!

The SH MUni weighs next to nothing. It has gorgeous, elegant lines, a beautiful and tough finish, and it’s made of rust free materials. It’s excellent for MUni and OK for trials. Different 24" tires could be put on it. The Gazz is on it now but a smooth tire could be put on for general street riding. Long distances are not practical like they are for Blue Shift or a Coker but I’m kind of interested in the abusive stuff right now, anyway. I’ve done a four foot drop onto flat concrete (ouch) with the SH and still can’t break Steve’s 17-4PH stainless steel axle and I can assure you that I don’t land like a cat. I rode down a flight of 32 stairs on it a couple of days ago. It’s light enough that I hopped up the same flight twice without getting too (two?) tired. Every other 24x3 MUni that I have ridden feels heavy and clunky. It is both a vehicle and a piece of art. I like all the unicycles in my collection of ten but, given only one, I would choose the SH without hesitation.